My Prayer for Today and Everyday

....Just in Awe of My God's Grace, Mercy, and Redemptive Power...REPOST Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You so much for… answering my prayer… helping me re-examine my life as a mother, sister, and daughter… renewing my mind… giving me hope in every area of my life… Thank You for the journey and for Your provision… God,... Continue Reading →

Pushing Past the Pain

Today, I was reminded of a note I'd written a couple years ago on Facebook about healing...I felt compelled to share it again for those who may be experiencing pain, whether physical or emotional so please check out that link.  God is still a healer. I'm the proof...not only have I been healed of the physical... Continue Reading →

The Letter

This excerpt was originally written over ten years ago and given to a young lady at the realization she had been attacked at work by her previous boyfriend. Dear Broken Sister, I hope and pray that you read this message in its entirety as I have a lot to say. I’d be lying if I... Continue Reading →

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