Last Night I had a MOMent

On the heels of two blessings I was not expecting, the enemy tried again and thought he'd won, but never. I thank God for His word and reminding me that I have no business allowing the enemy to blindside me with foolishness. I was reminded that life and death is in the power of the... Continue Reading →

Be ready or Get Left Behind

I had to teach my daughter an important lesson about timing this morning. When you're not ready, you get left behind! Now Kayla had been a hard sleeper since birth so I'm not surprised by her innate delays every morning...surprised no...annoyed YES!!! I used to consider it a blessing she slept so hard though...I could... Continue Reading →

Ask, Believe, and reCeive

"May I see your phone for a minute?"  His request came only minutes after my daughter's to which I replied the same, "Not now, I'm listening to something."  It was possibly a full minute before my son asked the same question again.  This time I said, "Just wait. Kayla asked first anyway.  Considering that she... Continue Reading →

Question…Answer…More Questions? Really?

"See there... the way you ask another question after I've already given you my answer."  That was the best response I could come up with in conversation with my son the other day. I refused to debate further because my decision was made.  So yes, I gave him the silent treatment. As immature as some say the "silent treatment"... Continue Reading →

For God Alone

I marveled this morning as the Lord doused my being with His Holiness....His insurmountable presence on the drive into work...yes I said to work...not a job, for the work we do is to honor God and to endure what we must to allow His light to shine regardless of what that task entails. It seemed... Continue Reading →

To Honor Her…

I'll edit this later...just flowing from the heart... I used to say "I didn't have a good example when I grew up."  It was my excuse.  I suppose I felt less guilty for my own shortcomings as a parent by blaming my mother for the woes I’d experienced.  Yet, now I realize how untrue that statement was. There were... Continue Reading →

Public figure or a Private failure?

In James 3:5-12, we are reminded how the tongue, though physically small compared with other members of the body, has the potential to level a forest as if it were fire. Essentially, when we are not careful to think before we speak, we can cause a lot of damage. Also, if we don’t think of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

So I woke up today and where was my cell phone? With my daughter of course...where it had been possibly for the last two weeks since school's been out. She's been begging for a phone again.  I gave her one before, but took it away...too young...too irresponsible...too expensive!!! She's been trying to show me that she's ready... Continue Reading →

The Few, The Proud, The Moms?

Since I embarked on this journey to fully employ the Fruit of the Spirit in my life, oh have I been tested! The past few days have been a plethora of circumstances that anyone else would assume it's perfectly okay to "lose it." In fact, I laughed in Bible-study last week when my pastor mentioned... Continue Reading →

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