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It was Never Rejection

I cried in class today. I hadn’t planned to do so. I didn’t even cry when writing the piece I was required to read aloud. The assignment was to tell our story.  As a writer I almost did the paper before even reading the assigned chapters because I thought it would be that easy.

I mean what’s two pages of me? I’ve had this blog for three years and I have shared bits and pieces since the beginning…


Beginnings can be so subjective.

Well, when I considered the topic from the week’s sermon and the topic from my life for the past few months, I should not have been shocked by the topic for the assignment bearing a name akin to both:

How has God redirected your life?

I had planned to write something totally different…yet, God saw fit to use this educational assignment as a means of confirming my spiritual one. It was also proven to be His opportunity to “right” mother’s story.

I found myself sharing how I was affectionately dubbed her shadow. I realized how much I missed her despite the diagnosis…Borderline Personality Disorder is not as fashionable as Bi-Polar or Schizophrenia I suppose. Yet, everything this week has led me back to her.  Redirected yet again from “me time” to develop an understanding of “her time.”

Before I had already been conflicted as to whether a dedication page was enough room to convey a daughter’s love, and then I recalled God whispering, “make room for Daddy.”  He alone would have to support me in this leg of the journey even more than He had before.  As tears fell against my heart’s demand, I understood

So while the dialogue of my life’s script seems riddled with unfortunate events, I’m no victim.  I was loved and for the first time in a long time, I sure it was never rejection, just redirection.

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Just Chunk It!

I’m amazed at how my sudden desire to move again hasn’t wrecked my nerves!  I’m sure it has nothing to do with my naturally calm-demeanor (insert sarcastic grin here), but everything to do with the peace God promises according to Phil. 4:7.

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone through a lot of my clothes, jewelry, shoes, and stuff. I’ve had an overwhelming urge to just chunk it all and start from scratch…a new beginning for a new year if you will.

Now that may seem like the lazy way to pack, but hear me out.  There’s nothing like moving to help you realize how much unnecessary junk you’ve collected over the years. So yes, I’m ready to let it all go!

That said, perhaps you too have accumulated a lot of junk that your next destination could do without…I’m not talking tangible baggage here either….Baggage is heavy and I guarantee if you are holding onto a bunch, it is the very thing preventing your move to the next level.

I’m just saying, chunk it!  Yes, we have all been through something…some worse than others, but what I’ve come to realize lately is my constant rehearsing of the events I can’t change is only going to prevent me from moving forward…in relationships, in family, in life…period.

So what if they didn’t apologize! What does it matter now that you were passed up for the promotion!So no one noticed your new shoes! Who cares?

I’m tired of looking back…tired of looking through old stuff attempting to salvage things that have no place in my present or future.


So I’m getting rid of the negativity, low-self-worth, rage, and dysfunction…Yes, I said rage…I can be a bit of a hothead at times…image

Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty more that I could do without…

Regardless,today I’m serving notice to the not-so nice things I’ve uncovered about myself: I’m traveling light from now on.

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