NOT Again! Black Lives Still Matter I intentionally removed myself from social media for a while to refresh and to focus on my books and other business ventures...yet, in the last few days I've allowed myself to  indulge for maybe 30 minutes a day or so to play catch up. I wish I could say that it were not more... Continue Reading →

Gated but still not protected

I hadn't planned to write share this...I hate that I'm now even aware of this at all, but this headline met my gaze any way: 4 Children Stabbed to Death in Memphis, Mother in Custody I saw the pictures showing the young lady allegedly responsible for the heinous crime as "normal" and the... Continue Reading →

I’m Pissed! My Misery is My Ministry

This is the face of a victim:   This is the face of another victim, her assailant: Amazing how he already had a mug shot or two floating in the system...... The first picture was once a mother of two young girls.Her body was found the other day only minutes from my apartment.  The report says that... Continue Reading →

Blessed Quietness

It's tragedies like these that have the world questioning God's existence. ...questioning how any good could come from such a murderous rampage.  So a moment of silence is offered in remembrance of those slain...I intended an entirely different post for today, but tragedy doesn't seem to care about other's agendas so I digress the norm... Continue Reading →

Can a Christian be Gay?

Note...this is from the heart...hip...on my mind...not really editing this so be warned...No room for a bunch of funny pics or quotes....just real talk...that's it... It seems a fairly innocent question.  Yet, one with a plethora of possible responses...the easy out would be to choose yes or no, but even that isn't so easy anymore... Continue Reading →

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