Question…Answer…More Questions? Really?

"See there... the way you ask another question after I've already given you my answer."  That was the best response I could come up with in conversation with my son the other day. I refused to debate further because my decision was made.  So yes, I gave him the silent treatment. As immature as some say the "silent treatment"... Continue Reading →

For God Alone

I marveled this morning as the Lord doused my being with His Holiness....His insurmountable presence on the drive into work...yes I said to work...not a job, for the work we do is to honor God and to endure what we must to allow His light to shine regardless of what that task entails. It seemed... Continue Reading →

So I’ve finally broken up with my past…

For years, I blamed my mother for my lack of happiness as a child and in some ways even as an adult. I hung onto those feelings so tight that I believed they were just another part of me- something I couldn't get rid of no matter how I tried. I mean why else would... Continue Reading →

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