Embrace the Mess and Go on with your badself!

I can only imagine the gasps of my daughter when she sees this title.  She thinks I'm so old because I once said, "ooh, that's a bad car!" Okay...I realize that no one really says that anymore, but whatever.  I've witnessed so much in the mere 37 years...almost 38 years that I've been on the... Continue Reading →

Ladies, Know Your Worth

It's time to change the rules of engagement! When I worked at a major fine jewelry chain several years ago, most days I was confronted with a myriad of emotions directly related to the comments made by perspective clients.  The ones that really got my attention and yes on my nerves were those who were cheap!!!... Continue Reading →

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

So I woke up today and where was my cell phone? With my daughter of course...where it had been possibly for the last two weeks since school's been out. She's been begging for a phone again.  I gave her one before, but took it away...too young...too irresponsible...too expensive!!! She's been trying to show me that she's ready... Continue Reading →

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