My Earnest Reply

I've been contemplating a request that had been made of me for a while.  I shared my thoughts with a trusted friend and he advised that I ensure that the call was more than a mere desire...that it was an actual call from God.... Over the years, I've discovered a few things about my name.... Continue Reading →

Grace for the Gay Life

"I'm just letting you know that if I get suspended from school on Tuesday, it's for a good reason." Granted, that is not exactly the greeting I'd hoped to get from my 17 year old son who'd been driving me "nuts" with the way he'd been "flubbing" up his grades lately... However,  yesterday I knew... Continue Reading →

You Are What You Eat…Choose Wisely

Okay I admit....I've been still struggling with road rage....the last few weeks hasn't been easy and the other day, I went off....The ironic thing is that earlier that day, I'd read the passage from Our Daily Bread about how a "so-called" courteous driver allowed another driver in front of him and because the receiving driver didn't nod or wave, the... Continue Reading →

Duty Calls, but should you listen?

Most of my life I've had difficulty allowing the word "no" leave my lips. I've always volunteered. I like doing for others so I guess I'm a servant at heart.  Well, Jesus exemplifies the ultimate servant and I'm glad for His example. Yes grateful, but admittedly hard-headed as I am, I haven't always followed His lead.  I mean the... Continue Reading →

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