The Beat of Forgiveness

So the other day I had a moment...of hysterics some might say...of desperation others might insist...of uncertainty and humility I admit...still so relevant is my peace...calm in this storm...helps me rejoice in the ability to slip on shoes I hadn't worn before. This place Am I meant to remain? Am I to go there? Confusion... Continue Reading →

He’s My Pace Maker

I can't forget the day my friend collapsed at work. I was ready for my 15 minutes of freedom, but an area manager stopped me at the break room door and shooed me away without a word.  But it was already too late.  I'd already seen her. I backed up, turned, and followed the wall for my place. I... Continue Reading →

It’s In There!

  Out of the heart, the mouth speaks Those words and the constant chirp of my alarm met me too early this morning.  I hit snooze anyway. "It's in there" bombarded my mind.  I lugged myself out of bed and gave the Lord a brief shout out before making it... those same words crept in again. Maybe God... Continue Reading →

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