So I didn’t cry

I expected that I would because there have been times when the silliest things get me emotional, but I didn't. As I rolled onto the parking lot and observed the familiar scene I wondered how long had the apartment community had that name.  It had since changed, but the address remained the same. I saw... Continue Reading →

Breathe Easy-Take Off Your Mask

I really have never been fond of wearing a lot of make up...especially in the summer...for those ladies who have naturally oily skin like I's a nightmare...However, for years I have covered myself with the stuff...I know my worth, but covering perceived  physical flaws are so much easier to address than the emotional ones I suppose.... Continue Reading →

The Rest really is up to You!

  Believe it or not there are some people out there who are so overwhelmingly positive that if you put a stick of dynamite in their Kool-aid, their response would be something like, " What colorful fireworks!" Well I know envy is not an attribute I want to advocate here so let's just say that... Continue Reading →

Follow His Lead or Get Bitter Results

Boy have I had the time of my life on this little roller coaster, LITERALLY! No I haven't gone to the fair yet...that's scheduled for this weekend, but I mean this Emotional One I've been riding for way too long. Methinks tis time to exit this ride!     Had a Shakespeare moment! Have you ever... Continue Reading →

Roll On

I've never been much of a sports enthusiast, but when I was a child, I loved to roller skate.  I had my share of falls, but after the first one, I knew I did not like them. That's plausible right? I mean who purposely engages in something hoping to get hurt? ...Nobody in their right mind, right?  ... Continue Reading →

Pushing Past the Pain

Today, I was reminded of a note I'd written a couple years ago on Facebook about healing...I felt compelled to share it again for those who may be experiencing pain, whether physical or emotional so please check out that link.  God is still a healer. I'm the proof...not only have I been healed of the physical... Continue Reading →

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