The Beat of Forgiveness

So the other day I had a moment...of hysterics some might say...of desperation others might insist...of uncertainty and humility I admit...still so relevant is my peace...calm in this storm...helps me rejoice in the ability to slip on shoes I hadn't worn before. This place Am I meant to remain? Am I to go there? Confusion... Continue Reading →

My Father’s Letter

Excerpted from my upcoming memoir... I remember when God first bid me to meditate on Corinthians 7:10. It was after the inevitable. Following what had become our norm, I’d chosen my way out. HERE WE GO AGAIN This time the verbal assault ensued on a Friday, but the pain of my husband’s perpetual disregard of... Continue Reading →

A First Step of Sorts

Forgiveness is a I've find myself confronted with over and over again lately...especially in the last few years. I've written about its cleansing power...about how I've grown and been able to let go of so much and then reality knocks on the door of my heart. And something happens to remind me of my... Continue Reading →

Just a Temporary Inconvenience

Hmmm...well considering that the title of my blog is Better Not Bitter, I understand my obligation to forgive quickly. That was not always the case of course. Holding grudges was my middle name and I even thought for a time that doing so made me happy...I was so wrong. ! That said, it's only fair... Continue Reading →

Funny thing…Love

Heavenly Father,   I come thanking You for Your discipline...I'd be lying if I said I liked it...You know my heart so that's pointless. Father, help me to take the advice I so readily give others...Help me to listen and do what You want. I don't want to keep taking the same tests over and... Continue Reading →

So I didn’t cry

I expected that I would because there have been times when the silliest things get me emotional, but I didn't. As I rolled onto the parking lot and observed the familiar scene I wondered how long had the apartment community had that name.  It had since changed, but the address remained the same. I saw... Continue Reading →

Are You Choking on Unforgiveness?

If I remained in complete denial of my condition, I could easily chop up my excessive coughing lately to spring fever.  I mean things are in bloom now so that would be a great excuse. But I know better and hopefully after reading this post, you will too! I really thought I was over this unforgiveness... Continue Reading →

Just after Midnight

I must say that in a mere 36 years, I have been here long enough to live out many of the "all things" of this verse.  I hadn't always wanted to accept that the "all things" my Lord inspired Paul to write included those bad things though. Like many baby Christians, initially, I accepted Christ... Continue Reading →

To Honor Her…

I'll edit this later...just flowing from the heart... I used to say "I didn't have a good example when I grew up."  It was my excuse.  I suppose I felt less guilty for my own shortcomings as a parent by blaming my mother for the woes I’d experienced.  Yet, now I realize how untrue that statement was. There were... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Heart of Forgiveness

Two days ago I arrived at work fuming...I was frustrated beyond everything, but I remained calm as I started a nearly 2000 word post in haste over what led to my issues before 8:30 am....I will have you know that this post is not going to be that long so don't trip!!! In fact, I... Continue Reading →

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