What’s Your Response to God’s Ability?

Two years ago, I lost my job.  I thought I had faith then, but what I really had was a nice little 401K cushion so I wasn't worried about losing my home or whether I'd be able to keep the lights on...I was okay when that very month, the child support that I'd been receiving... Continue Reading →

I Stand Corrected

Last week, I vented. I remembered. I cried out in my soul on my son's behalf. I'm glad to know that my candor helped someone other than myself. I, however, would be remiss in my ministry, if I failed to share how wrong I'd been with my assumptions. He did call. Rather, he actually sent... Continue Reading →

Yet, I will rejoice! (Hope for the Fatherless)

This morning as I drove my son to school for his last semester exam a radio commercial mentioned the upcoming holiday that I've had both the privilege and burden of bearing alone, Father's Day. My son, simply stated, "Oh that's right, this Sunday is Father's Day!"                  ... Continue Reading →

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