Green Light in All Directions

"The traffic light at Hacks Cross Rd is out. It's showing a green light in all directions for about five minutes." When traffic lights go out, it's common sense to treat them as a four-way even proceed with caution...but when I heard this news on the radio today, I got a different message. So... Continue Reading →

Tug away if you want to… you’re on your own!

Though Guardian couldn't understand my words, I still felt obligated to voice them aloud as he sniffed and tugged closer and closer to this monster anyway: Now for some of you who like bugs...this pic may do nothing for you, but for an "arachnophobe" like myself, the fact that this sucker couldn't do much as... Continue Reading →

Follow His Lead or Get Bitter Results

Boy have I had the time of my life on this little roller coaster, LITERALLY! No I haven't gone to the fair yet...that's scheduled for this weekend, but I mean this Emotional One I've been riding for way too long. Methinks tis time to exit this ride!     Had a Shakespeare moment! Have you ever... Continue Reading →

It’s on His Calendar so I’m Available

Today one our constituents called in a panic.  She and her husband were hosting one of our Art of Marriage Events in about 2 weeks and had not done anything to prepare. Yes, they were the marriage ministry leaders for their church! Yes they specifically knew of several couples who would benefit from it's content... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Response to God’s Ability?

Two years ago, I lost my job.  I thought I had faith then, but what I really had was a nice little 401K cushion so I wasn't worried about losing my home or whether I'd be able to keep the lights on...I was okay when that very month, the child support that I'd been receiving... Continue Reading →

It’s In There!

  Out of the heart, the mouth speaks Those words and the constant chirp of my alarm met me too early this morning.  I hit snooze anyway. "It's in there" bombarded my mind.  I lugged myself out of bed and gave the Lord a brief shout out before making it... those same words crept in again. Maybe God... Continue Reading →

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