I’m Pissed! My Misery is My Ministry

This is the face of a victim:   This is the face of another victim, her assailant: Amazing how he already had a mug shot or two floating in the system...... The first picture was once a mother of two young girls.Her body was found the other day only minutes from my apartment.  The report says that... Continue Reading →

Bitter Sweet but Better Now

This is really random...I've been contemplating for several days what I'd post for today. Would I post a generic Mother's Day message or would I dare bring up that fateful day I experienced 13 years ago again. Two days ago, I assumed I was beating a dead horse with my reason for leaving Memphis the... Continue Reading →

So I didn’t cry

I expected that I would because there have been times when the silliest things get me emotional, but I didn't. As I rolled onto the parking lot and observed the familiar scene I wondered how long had the apartment community had that name.  It had since changed, but the address remained the same. I saw... Continue Reading →

Co-dependence: The Guilt that Keeps on Giving

Today is a day of firsts! The first day of the month and the first day in over 12 years that I'll dare set foot on the scene of the crime...the one that momentarily left me with the inability to feel I had a reason to smile. Yet, for no particular reason I've learned to... Continue Reading →

My Reason

Abuse has no favorites. It doesn’t take sides and has but one agenda…to break…a heart…a hand…a spirit…God has no room for it in His kingdom. Yet, it steadily finds its way to His children….I’m glad to say that I am a child of God who has been delivered from this trick of the enemy. Understanding... Continue Reading →

The Letter

This excerpt was originally written over ten years ago and given to a young lady at the realization she had been attacked at work by her previous boyfriend. Dear Broken Sister, I hope and pray that you read this message in its entirety as I have a lot to say. I’d be lying if I... Continue Reading →

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