Appreciate the Detour and Move Forward

It has taken some time, but I believe I’m finally getting the point. The last year and a half of my life has been an ever-winding path of detours and distractions. To my family and friends it may have appeared that I was a female version of Abraham…that I had insurmountable faith. Rather, now that I think about it, a closer assessment of my actions might have them thinking that I was just downright crazy for packing up and leaving my home in Little Rock because “God told me to do so.”  They thought I had no plan B.

I’m not that Holy. Perhaps, a little bit that crazy at times though. 

I have always been a risk taker. God knows His children well. I had a plan B. It wasn’t that I had so much faith in God that I knew He would take care of me. Deep down I knew He would provide, however, I assumed that He’d already done so by way of a fledgling relationship of sorts that cropped up from the internet. I remember a co-worker resorting to online dating and I remember my judgement.

That is crazy…stupid…dangerous…Isn’t it amazing how we judge others on the things that we do ourselves? I’ve since repented of course. I suppose one might say I did so before I decided to attempt that cyber connection, however, honestly I believe I still judged her and myself simultaneously. In fact, I know I did because there were things about that relationship that I wouldn’t tell my closest friend. She wouldn’t judge me but she definitely was the voice of reason I needed to heed.

Basically, I had tapped into a completely new level of stupid.

Now, I’m not judging anyone but myself here. I can say it now because I’ve learned from the experience.

I have made a lot of mistakes. I left my job because I knew that indeed was God’s will. I knew I was supposed to move back to Memphis for at least a year prior to my doing so. I just wasn’t sure of the steps to take.

I’m not saying that God tricked me to get me here, but I will say that when it comes to fulfilling your purpose God has a way of getting you there by any means necessary. So my means included me being involved in a fictitious and financially abusive nightmare, but it taught me something new about myself and my God. Yes, the lesson was painful, but I wouldn’t trade the experience because I know that my story is more powerful because of what I have endured.

Many more women will be freed from this type of bondage because I went through it. As the saying goes, who cares how much you know-they want to know how much you care…How could I genuinely care if I hadn’t walked in the same shoes…through the same valley? 

So yep, I’ve been a nomad for nearly two years…technically homeless for a time…but I’m being restored because of this testimony. The word is true that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony.

Though my path to destiny hasn’t been an easy one, I know it was simply God’s way of teaching me another way to impact lives for His glory. I guess what I’m saying is I appreciate the detours and I’m ready to move forward.

Unveiled-God had me covered all along

I’ve written about the butterfly’s transition before and I thought I was pretty much done with that analogy, but then I considered the process I’ve experienced and the new territory I’ve been given. That old cocoon of who I used to be was dark and dreary.  I couldn’t see my way and there were times I cried out for help only to be told to “stand up.”


How on earth could I be expected to stand in such cramped quarters?  Since that directive was given, I get it now. I think I understand a little bit better as to how that butterfly came into just being…that butterfly spun that web around itself for protection and stayed in that dark place while it was a mere worm. I thought about it…how did that worm know it was time to emerge as the butterfly?

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It knew because that dark place became unbearable. It knew because that small place was not enough room for it to spread its wings.  It knew because it decided to stand up and break through that temporary mold that housed it for what seemed like an eternity. A butterfly doesn’t have claws so it couldn’t have escaped that cocoon by clawing its way out.  It doesn’t have fangs as some animals do so it couldn’t have bitten its way through either.  What it did have were legs.


It had the same thing it went into the cocoon with only, fewer and stronger than before. That’s because before the legs were meant to navigate the ground for a time, but something in that little worm longed for the bigger and better things awaiting it beyond the trees…so the little worm had to climb…that little worm used all the strength it had in all those short legs to reach the top only to have an insatiable urge to isolate itself there.  And so the cocoon was created…this was that little worm’s habitat for a time.  In the expanse of darkness, God still hovered over this “being in transition” just as He had in the beginning.  He allowed it to take the legs it had been used to standing on and use them to create a new structure meant only to direct its future paths.  And so the time came and this butterfly knew it couldn’t stand being cramped a moment longer…at His word, it did what it was told to do.  The butterfly finally broke through the darkness…the shame…the humiliation…the trauma of what was…to emerge into the light of what was to come….a new vantage point…a new perspective…a new destiny…


And with only a few tries, the blood was flowing in every area that needed it…stronger than ever and so she left the cocoon with slow steps and found herself meandering around the tip of the branch…and flapping one last time she soared…never to see things again from ground level. I am that Blue-Butterfly-butterfly.


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AIM Your Greatness

Great people can’t be idle! It’s not like greatness can be switched off, but don’t we try sometimes?  I know I have.  However, when you’re destined for greatness, even your foolery is extra! Trust, when I kicked it back in the day, I did that! I mean before I admitted I was an alcoholic, I could easily drink a 400 pound man under the table without a smirk so I’m proof that when you are destined for greatness, even your mistakes are done big. Of course that behavior isn’t exactly the legacy I want to leave behind so that said; we must aim our greatness at the right target! A positive and progressive one!

Imagine your impact!!! The same passion that fuels a downward spiral can be redirected to do something purposeful. It’s never too late to turn around and get back on track.

Being idle ultimately produces nothing but wasted energy! Think about an idling car. The car is running, but not going anywhere.

Are you running in place too?

Are you making excuses because you feel like you can? On the road to destiny, it’s the ONLY thing you can’t do!

Excuses are monuments to nothing! So what are you building? Are you building a wall to block people from seeing the real you?

How about a box? Are you building a box to keep God and life out? If you are, let me suggest you focus on building bridges instead. Bridges to your destiny inspire others to build bridges to theirs!

Why? It’s because inspiration is better than motivation on any day!!!

So I leave you with this today. Your destiny is calling and it’s time to answer…to walk…to serve…to be.  Whatever your choice, idleness is NOT an option.

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Just Be You!

Your distinction is the key to your destiny!!!imagesWe live in a world where everyone seems to believe that their best attempts at success and wholeness is to mimic those they envy. But God only made one you. He really did break the mold when He made you and He knows the thoughts He has toward you…I-know-the-plans-I-have-for-you-says-the-LORDHe knew you before you knew you so why not consider His advice?

Of course it’s understandable for those who may not know Christ, but what’s our excuse as Christians?

Why are we so scared to break out of the societal norms to do what Our Heavenly Father placed inside of us to do?

Problems are always going to be around because God has charged us to be problem solvers!!! You’re unique for a reason! You’re called to solve the very problem that irks you. It’s time to get beyond, “I wish I could do something to change it” and actually do something to change (1)You can’t convince me of what one person can’t do because I know what Jesus did in his humanity. Better yet, His death and resurrection gave us the power to do “greater works than these.”

So I plead with you to acknowledge that God has already given you access to wealth. A wealth of joy, peace, and yes financial abundance is at your disposal, but you can’t receive if you don’t ask!  You can’t see change if you’re not willing to do!  And get this, you have no right to complain if you refuse to take action. It’s time to do something more than the mundane…to be more than conquerors…to speak…to learn…to just do you!

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No strings


With God there are no strings attached. No need to play puppet…no need to masquerade and act the part of who you are not. God loves you just the way you are. Better yet, He loves you just the way you will become.

It seems pretty simple, but sometimes in life we beat ourselves up mentally and emotionally because in others’ eyes we don’t seem to measure up. Whether their expectations are perceived or real, we find ourselves more focused on what “they” think instead of what we think or worse we neglect to consider the only real opinion that matters is God’s. 


However, there comes a time when you must realize that pleasing God is going to displease a lot of people and you must be okay with that to truly follow Him. And yes, those disappointed people might even share your bloodline. Still, your life is yours for a reason. It’s not meant for you to be led by someone else’s expectations or desires. God knew you before you were born and had already equipped you with everything you need to live YOUR life.
I’m finally coming to grips with this myself that what seems the right thing to do for someone else may not be right for me. Sure getting advice is great. In fact, the Bible states you should seek wise council. However, when I think about those who have offered, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” kind of advice, I have to be real with myself and understand that sometimes the fact that they are not me is what really needs to be considered more. Now I’m not advocating that you go blindly following your own way all the time, but when it comes to your destiny, I strongly urge you to consider somethings before you become a puppet in a play not designed for you.

Consider your passions…
Consider your strengths…
Consider your weaknesses…
Consider your patterns…
Consider whether what you’re doing is in line with God’s word…

Sure there will be slip ups, hang ups, and pit falls in this Christian journey, but you are not required to stay where you’ve fallen. In other words, God’s grace is sufficient to keep you no matter how many times it takes to get it right.


…And even then we can get it wrong. I do everyday. Does that give you a get out of jail free card for intentional sin…no, not really, but it does leave an awesome amount of room for error.

Face it if we had the  ability to keep it together on our own, Christ’s purpose would be obsolete. But that’s the point. We don’t have the ability to do it in our own strength. We can only live a consecrated life through Christ. So regardless of how many times you have messed up, God’s love has never had nor will ever have strings attached. So cut the ones others have on you and be real. God never made you anyone’s puppet.


Reverse Your Worse

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You can’t predict the issues you’ll face, but you can choose your response as issues arise. That said, I suggest you reverse your worse and live fulfilled!

I know it seems so easy to say that doesn’t it?  Of course it does. The challenge is in your follow through.  Well, this is not a time to point the finger to anything  or anybody else!  If it were, we could use up the whole day laying out the reasons why we choose to do the same old thing.

Nope, the blame of your ordinary existence is in your hands alone.


In case you’re as fuzzy about your future and how to walk in your purpose as I was until VERY recently, here are four tips that can jolt you into your new norm: fulfilling your destiny.

  1. Be present and accountable. Realize that you were not created for the sole purpose of keeping yourself company.  No, you were created to impact the lives of others in a positive way.  If you are too busy meandering between regrets and missed opportunities of yesterday you not only risk the demise of your future, but also that of those who are destined to follow your lead…whether it be your children, other family members, friends, or even strangers.   Yes, even you matter!
  2. Only give your past a glance.  The past is the past.  The decisions you make today will impact your tomorrow. So if you have made mistakes, learn from them and move on. You can’t drive a car forward looking in the rear view mirror so focus on your future and not the past.  Even in a car, the rear view mirror is only there to give you a perspective of where you are. Your past need only be a point of reference.  Keep it in drive!
  3. Be proactive not reactive.  Dwelling on the mistake will not change the results, but each day you have the opportunity to make a better decision than the day before. Accept that while you cannot change the past, you can strategically create a better future by choosing a different approach in advance.
  4. Keep moving.  It starts with accepting what’s happened and it continues by  being determined to keep walking regardless of how slow the progress seems.  It is indeed true that good things come to those who wait, so  as long as you are not standing still just know that every step is one step closer today than you were yesterday. So embrace the steady approach and achieve it!

Time is the one commodity we can’t get back so why waste it? Now if you are in the place where you want to be…fulfilling your destiny,  congratulations! Otherwise, be determined to reverse your situation by focusing on the future you want and not the one you thought you were handed.


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