No strings

With God there are no strings attached. No need to play need to masquerade and act the part of who you are not. God loves you just the way you are. Better yet, He loves you just the way you will become. It seems pretty simple, but sometimes in life we beat ourselves up... Continue Reading →

Blessed Quietness

It's tragedies like these that have the world questioning God's existence. ...questioning how any good could come from such a murderous rampage.  So a moment of silence is offered in remembrance of those slain...I intended an entirely different post for today, but tragedy doesn't seem to care about other's agendas so I digress the norm... Continue Reading →

Can a Christian be Gay?

Note...this is from the heart...hip...on my mind...not really editing this so be warned...No room for a bunch of funny pics or quotes....just real talk...that's it... It seems a fairly innocent question.  Yet, one with a plethora of possible responses...the easy out would be to choose yes or no, but even that isn't so easy anymore... Continue Reading →

Breathe Easy-Take Off Your Mask

I really have never been fond of wearing a lot of make up...especially in the summer...for those ladies who have naturally oily skin like I's a nightmare...However, for years I have covered myself with the stuff...I know my worth, but covering perceived  physical flaws are so much easier to address than the emotional ones I suppose.... Continue Reading →

God does bless mess! I’m the proof!

I must give props where props are due so before I get any further I want you all to know that my son brought the title of this post to mind. It was kinda out of the blue last night while I was cooking when he mentioned it, but I thank God for His timing.... Continue Reading →

You Are What You Eat…Choose Wisely

Okay I admit....I've been still struggling with road rage....the last few weeks hasn't been easy and the other day, I went off....The ironic thing is that earlier that day, I'd read the passage from Our Daily Bread about how a "so-called" courteous driver allowed another driver in front of him and because the receiving driver didn't nod or wave, the... Continue Reading →

New Light on a Horrific Concern

I remember when one of my former co-workers asked me if I am offended when people talk about horoscopes. Now I suppose she asked me that question because I’d been finally displaying my faith in God alone outwardly. Not to boast on anything that I could have achieved on my own, but I was a... Continue Reading →

Purely Balanced

My washing machine taught me a powerful lesson recently. So I thought I'd finshed my laundry only to realize I had one more load to go. It was a small one so I just tossed the clothes in without adjusting the settings. After the cycle began, I noticed a little noise, but thought nothing of it. Then... Continue Reading →

Ministry or Mess?

If a picture's worth a thousand words, the right or wrong video is worth a million hits! That said, if you are in ministry, I caution before you post just any old thing. Social media will either propel your purpose for Christ or pollute it. Christians should not be so "normal" within society that there’s no evidence of a difference so be proactive with your actions and words online. For that... Continue Reading →

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