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With God there are no strings attached. No need to play puppet…no need to masquerade and act the part of who you are not. God loves you just the way you are. Better yet, He loves you just the way you will become.

It seems pretty simple, but sometimes in life we beat ourselves up mentally and emotionally because in others’ eyes we don’t seem to measure up. Whether their expectations are perceived or real, we find ourselves more focused on what “they” think instead of what we think or worse we neglect to consider the only real opinion that matters is God’s. 


However, there comes a time when you must realize that pleasing God is going to displease a lot of people and you must be okay with that to truly follow Him. And yes, those disappointed people might even share your bloodline. Still, your life is yours for a reason. It’s not meant for you to be led by someone else’s expectations or desires. God knew you before you were born and had already equipped you with everything you need to live YOUR life.
I’m finally coming to grips with this myself that what seems the right thing to do for someone else may not be right for me. Sure getting advice is great. In fact, the Bible states you should seek wise council. However, when I think about those who have offered, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” kind of advice, I have to be real with myself and understand that sometimes the fact that they are not me is what really needs to be considered more. Now I’m not advocating that you go blindly following your own way all the time, but when it comes to your destiny, I strongly urge you to consider somethings before you become a puppet in a play not designed for you.

Consider your passions…
Consider your strengths…
Consider your weaknesses…
Consider your patterns…
Consider whether what you’re doing is in line with God’s word…

Sure there will be slip ups, hang ups, and pit falls in this Christian journey, but you are not required to stay where you’ve fallen. In other words, God’s grace is sufficient to keep you no matter how many times it takes to get it right.


…And even then we can get it wrong. I do everyday. Does that give you a get out of jail free card for intentional sin…no, not really, but it does leave an awesome amount of room for error.

Face it if we had the  ability to keep it together on our own, Christ’s purpose would be obsolete. But that’s the point. We don’t have the ability to do it in our own strength. We can only live a consecrated life through Christ. So regardless of how many times you have messed up, God’s love has never had nor will ever have strings attached. So cut the ones others have on you and be real. God never made you anyone’s puppet.


It’s tragedies like these that have the world questioning God’s existence.


…questioning how any good could come from such a murderous rampage.  So a moment of silence is offered in remembrance of those slain…I intended an entirely different post for today, but tragedy doesn’t seem to care about other’s agendas so I digress the norm for this somber yet alarming note.

A moment of silence…not a prayer…just silence…Vigils are held across the nation in their honor…yet just a moment of silence…Oh of course just silence….that’s the only way to remain PC isn’t it?  So unbelievers aren’t offended…but what about the believer’s offense?

My daughter was offended this morning…the media coverage simply rubbed her the wrong way….rather, it might have even been the right way in retrospect…

“Nobody wants the world to know their kid is dead”

She said it emphatically so I lowered the radio’s volume and tuned into her instead.  Her tone intrigued me so I listened and she continued,

” It’s bad enough that it happened-they will never get the time to heal because ten years from now it will be an anniversary and media coverage will make them relive the loss all over again!”

She was right.  The reality of those who’d endured the tragic loss of their loved ones were forced to relive the events even with the news of this shooting…the media inevitably must revisit these things.  It’s for that reason I’ve chosen not to even mention the specific mass shootings in public places of months, years, and even decades passed.

You undoubtedly know about them. a few are still in litigation so yes my daughter was correct.  Families and friends of the loss are forced to relive the events again and again with each passing day because tragedy is constant in media.

So we as believers are forced to reflect on questions like:

“How could God allow this?”

“Why didn’t God prevent this?”

And more of God’s children become angry with His justice. The assailant perished but how many more bodies will be added to his count before week’s end…Yes, blood continues to flow in the veins of those who were physically injured, but still a deadness is inevitable in their souls…at least momentarily…Perhaps not…maybe the survivors will be strong enough to understand the reason they were spared was because the Father “gave His angels charge over them

Perhaps some will consider it luck because they simply don’t know any better.  Regardless, only time will tell the effects both positive and negative in terms of yesterday’s events in Oregon.

I’m reminded of a somewhat funny quote a friend shared with me a few days ago after hearing the Pope’s address…”I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna be mad as hell if I was killed and get to heaven and see my murderer there!”  Don’t judge-Real Talk…no filters!!!

We laughed, but her analysis deserves ground now especially because that’s the very obstacle that many believers struggle with now.  Of course, this shooter supposedly targeted Christians …yet so did the Apostle Paul before his conversion.  If this 26 year old killing machine repented and said he believed in Jesus, would he too be in heaven with the slain?

Scripture tells us he would if that were indeed the case…that is if his heart were sincere…We must be secure in our faith regardless because God knows the heart even when we don’t.  That’s what matters in that arena…

Regardless, I’m sure many of those who shed tears for for the other lives lost have smiled at the news of the assailant’s passing whether Christian or not…before either we are human.  and oftentimes our humanity speaks louder than the spirit man if we are not regularly immersed in the word.  Even then, we fall.  I could speculate that this man busted the gates of hell wide open when he failed to take his last breath….Yet, I don’t know that to be true…Only God does.  Regardless, my job as a Christian is not to know the why or the how of God’s will, but to trust that whatHe allows will have more good for the innocents than bad.  My prayer now is that we as a nation and world quickly recognize that and govern ourselves accordingly.

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Note…this is from the heart…hip…on my mind…not really editing this so be warned…No room for a bunch of funny pics or quotes….just real talk…that’s it…

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It seems a fairly innocent question.  Yet, one with a plethora of possible responses…the easy out would be to choose yes or no, but even that isn’t so easy anymore is it?  For the most part, to answer the question whether a Christian can be gay or not, one would have to inevitably dissect the meanings of at least two words in the question.  Even then, those words, “Christian” and “Gay” are subjective to societal norms.  Norms…it seems that there really aren’t any of those anymore either. Alas, I must agree that with the turn of events occurring within the US in recent weeks, my mind and heart is indeed grieved.  As I’ve mentioned in prior articles, the inevitable civil war that seems to have erupted in our midst came to a head with all that’s happened.

I found it beneficial to my heart and mind to fast from social media for a while. I had great intentions.  I removed the apps from my smart phone and refused to log in on my pc.  Yet, I underestimated the extent the recent news of the Supreme Court’s decision would impact me. So I received a text message from a friend who has been delivered from the grip of homosexuality asking how I feel about the Court’s decision.  I’d forgotten it was expected during my voluntary period of remission.  I thanked him for sending me the heads up and silently before responding further, grieved for our nation.  I regressed. I started to voice my opinion on that day, but perhaps writer’s block had me bound.  I couldn’t pen anything positive…anything plausible…anything useful in my opinion.  So I did nothing that day.

Instead, I waited. I waited to login to anything.  Concern for a loved one who’d been directly impacted by the deaths in South Carolina, I did manage to go online later that night, however. Maybe even that was technically the next day.  Who knows?  Sleep has escaped me for a few days.

I was bombarded with rainbows and insults.  Rainbows and taunts of “love winning” and again I grieved wondering had love really won anything?  Every picture I saw was vulgar and I silently wondered why was it so necessary to display this sin so flippantly.  Why was this area of opportunity one the church had all but sat down when confronted with it?

I was never angry with the court’s decision and I’m not angry with those persons involved with their decision to be a homosexual either, but I am grieved.  I’m saddened that it seems that this and the shootings the week prior or further evidence of our depraved societal standards…then I wonder is there even a standard any more. I watched Madea’s Witness Protection the other day and the remark was made by Tyler Perry’s character aka Madea “It’s a church, of course it’s safe” or something like that in response the apprehension of the Caucasian attorney who asked whether it would be safe for him since it was a predominantly African American church.  I couldn’t help but note the horrible irony.

So I am forced to ponder additional questions …Can a Christian be a murderer?  Can a Christian be a prostitute?  Can a Christian be a liar?  Can a Christian be an adulterer?  And back again, Can a Christian be gay?

I also was told days prior to the court’s determination that a 16 year old boy is now homeless because he decided to “come out” to his parents who are professing Christians. Pain has a tendency to make people do extreme things.  Again, at this news I was grieved.  I thought how not long ago, if a girl told her parents that she was in love with a young man at 16, it would have been chopped up as “puppy love” or “confusion”  The parents might have stepped back and allowed the “phase” to take its course knowing that their teaching would allow her to make the proper decision in time.  Nevertheless, they would not have gone through such drastic measures to prevent the two from being together.  In retrospect, the attempt is largely counterproductive.  While there are exceptions to this…what one thought was “real love” was never a reason to “not love” the one caught in the crossfire of a mistake….well, aside from Shakespearean tragedies…all fictional accounts but eerily similar to the more pressing issues in our reality today…


Perhaps society refuses to know how deceitful one’s heart can be?

For the brief time I spent on Facebook last weekend, I saw one post state  “religious hypocrites chose to forgive a murderer last week, but now condemn the court’s decision.”

download (10)

With that some conservatives would love to say “no” to all of the questions above while some liberals would be in favor of the court results…yet some conservatives would also be in favor of the confederate flag being removed while others wanted this obvious emblem of racism to stay in place because of “tradition.”  Oh how we mirror the Pharasees and Sadduccees in the church now…so quick to point the finger, yet act as if we have arrived on so many other levels….


Some things are still certain amid all the chaos of our day.  God doesn’t need walls to talk to know what’s going on!  Jesus Christ paid for all of our fallacies with His priceless blood so our judgment of others still needs to be one from a position of real love without compromising what the Bible says about this and every issue that attempts to maligns the will of the Almighty.

God is not mocked and while He is indeed patient, He will judge the land and the people who inhabit it. For the record, that includes how we Christians treat one another as well.


So back to the question at hand, Can a Christian be gay?  Why bother to answer at all? Consider this one instead: Can a gay person be saved?

For those who might have missed the point in my rambling…that answer is clear…


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I really have never been fond of wearing a lot of make up…especially in the summer…for those ladies who have naturally oily skin like I do…it’s a nightmare…However, for years I have covered myself with the stuff…I know my worth, but covering perceived  physical flaws are so much easier to address than the emotional ones I suppose.


Since make up can’t cover internal issues, I opted for a mask instead. That was my norm for too long.

Yet, afraid that my vulnerability would cause rejection, I used to clam up.  Fear prevented me from being fully open to God and people.  I thought I was protecting my life, but I was dying inside.


I’m glad God allowed me the grace to address those other issues because now I really could care less whether someone rejects me for being me or not.  I actually consider their rejection of me their loss.  Granted,  I still have a few reservations I am working through, but I can breath so much easier focusing more on who God’s called me to be rather than faking the part to gain popularity with people. (more…)

I must give props where props are due so before I get any further I want you all to know that my son brought the title of this post to mind. It was kinda out of the blue last night while I was cooking when he mentioned it, but I thank God for His timing.

He just came up to me and stated, “Mama, we’ve had it wrong for a long time. You know how everyone is always saying , ‘God doesn’t bless mess’…He does…He blesses us all the time and we’re pretty messed up!

Such wisdom from a child….so glad God thought to bless me with him!


Of course he was absolutely correct….I’ve even said that old cliche’ myself…but I admit that when I have it was usually with a self-righteous attitude….


Yep…I thank God for renewing my mind to the realization that I HAVE NOT ARRIVED…so I don’t have to worry about those ugly little thoughts anymore.

Regardless,  what my son so eloquently reminded me was so profound that I literally woke up rejoicing that God’s  mercies are indeed new every morning!


That said, this is not a license to do whatever you want because you can!  


Rather, this is reassurance that though God knew the wrong you were going to do before you knew you the wrong you would do, He still chose to unconditionally love YOU…

images (30) EVEN IN YOUR MESS!!!

He loves YOU so much in fact that He took the time to set His thrown aside, step into YOUR shoes, walk through YOUR valleys, carry YOUR cross, and be condemned in YOUR place. He loves YOU enough to lay His life on the line so YOU wouldn’t have to do it. And it wasn’t forced.


So even when I don’t get this Christian walk right, it’s refreshing to know that God’s love blesses me even while I’m in my mess.


Okay I admit….I’ve been still struggling with road rage….the last few weeks hasn’t been easy and the other day, I went off….The ironic thing is that earlier that day, I’d read the passage from Our Daily Bread about how a “so-called” courteous driver allowed another driver in front of him and because the receiving driver didn’t nod or wave, the other one kind of went berserk!  When I finished reading it, I remember thinking how completely unnecessary his actions were.  Yet, I succumbed to the same idiocy not an hour later!  What’s worse is that my 11 year old daughter bore witness to my antics…


So…if I may explain...

I was attempting to exit I-630 right in the middle of a hard-hat war zone…the woman in the car to my right was cruising in my blind spot and was attempting to do the opposite.  I saw her so I guess she wasn’t really in my blind spot, but she was obviously not paying attention to me.  Anyway…she nearly side-swiped me with a quick left and my mouth followed suit…let’s just say I had a moment…


…Not a good one, but still a moment.  Immediately I said, ” I need to get in the word” My daughter responded, almost sighing, “We all do, but I think you need to eat the whole bible!”  She was laughing when she said it, but clearly the last few minutes had been no laughing matter.

Years ago, the Lord showed me that cursing was beneath me and as if some light bulb was ignited, I just sort of stopped doing it.  Along with the urge to curse, went my tendency to gossip (yes people, listening to it counts too), and my desire to argue.  I also no longer cared for the “liquid courage” that held me captive for years either so what happened?  As soon as I thought the question, the answer came to mind…

… I knew that James said it but didn’t know where.  Arriving home, I felt horrible for two reasons.

#1 I felt like I’d failed God. 

#2 I felt like I’d failed my daughter.

So reluctantly I peeled back the pages to reveal the truth I avoided for so long…

James 3:9-11(NLV)

Sometimes it praises our Lord and Father, and sometimes it curses those who have been made in the image of God. 10 And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right! 11 Does a spring of water bubble out with both fresh water and bitter water?

You see, I started writing this post early last week but I filed it away half-finished…
images (21)
I’ve done that a lot lately.
When that pinch of conviction hurt too much or when I realized I didn’t have it all together, I voluntarily pushed the words God put in my mouth aside because I didn’t like the taste of them.
Well yesterday at work I was forced to eat those words anyway…call after call…I was reminded of what I needed to do.  At least 4 calls in a row were prayer requests.
  • One guy called saying that he and his wife struggled with prioritizing and that he seemed too busy for regular time with God…my prayer for him included a reminder that prayer is merely a conversation with God…that we should MAKE the time for Him…
  • A mother wanted her relationship with her son and her mother to improve…she was seeking approval for the way she’d been handling things.
  • A wife called pleading for improved communication with her husband…
  • Still another woman mentioned a portion of a verse that hit home…She said she knows the enemy must flee if she resists him.  Immediately I corrected her stating, “so many of us get that verse wrong.  It says that we are first to submit to God, resist the devil, and he must flee!”

I know now that I was not speaking on my own authority or my own thoughts. Who was I to judge?  I know now that the Holy Spirit was leading me to assist them while assisting myself.

By the end of the day I was humbled.  I realized my prayers for those anonymous callers had become my own.
So yes, I’ve been hesitant lately.  I’ve not posted as often because of my “own issues” but God again reassured that my transparency sets others free too.  Despite cringing under the conviction that I too had some adjustments to make,
I’m grateful for His reminder that over time I’d been taking in too much “junk” and not feasting on His word like I used to…He graciously pointed out that the difference between me and a none believer SHOULD be evident…that my spiritual physique should be void of bitterness, cursing,  and doubt.

John 16:13 (NLT)

13 When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future.

I’ve always known that too much junk food negatively affects the physical body, but, now I also know the same is true for my spiritual body.  So the past aside, I’m re-learning to be a picky eater.

 ©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.


I remember when one of my former co-workers asked me if I am offended when people talk about horoscopes. Now I suppose she asked me that question because I’d been finally displaying my faith in God alone outwardly. Not to boast on anything that I could have achieved on my own, but I was a little proud that someone thought enough to consider my stance on the subject. Yet, possibly to her surprise, my response was uncharacteristically simple.

No, it does not offend me.

Yep, that’s it. It was not that I was intentionally attempting to abandon my post as a Christian to use this inquiry as a point of evangelism or even that I thought it odd that she asked me the question. In fact, because she questioned me, immediately I wondered had she, also a professed Christian, been questioning her own motives for bringing up the topic in the first place.
I think I knew right away that had indeed been her motive, but in the back on my mind, front of my heart, and on the tip of my tongue was this lingering desire to utter, “I just know better now.” Yet, I refrained and kept my response more simple than the incessant urge to follow the Holy Spirit at the time. Yes, this definitely would have been an awesome opportunity to shed light on the truth of God’s word and how believing in such is really practicing witch craft coupled with idolatry, however, what I should have possibly been thinking instead of “I just know better” would have been more aptly phrased had “sort of” been sandwiched smack dab in the middle of the “know” and “better” while completely omitting the “now” altogether. Consequently, the truth was that God had indeed revealed to me in His word the very thing I should have been able to share, but I still didn’t know enough to adequately explain myself to her at that time so instead, I opted to keep it simple, stupid!
Yes, indeed my response was a prime example of stupidity though one might argue that it was merely ignorance. On a better day, perhaps I could have even attempted to defend my own retort with such. I mean after all to be ignorant of something just has an innocent ring to it, wouldn’t you think?
And yes, stupidity sounds so harsh…I digress. By definition, stupid is lacking normal intelligence or understanding.

So how does one become less stupid about a thing? Well, studying helps, of course. Rather as Paul admonished Timothy in his 2nd letter to his son of the Gospel.
To do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.(2 Timothy 2:15-NIV).

There’s just nothing worse than mishandling the words in the bible! I mean, as a child, I used to hear inside and outside the church, how “money is the root of all evil.” Yet, nowhere in the bible does it say that! Actually in 1 Timothy 6:10, Paul writes that the “love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” This simple misunderstanding has literally caused of divide among Christians. Jesus confirms that we must seek God’s heart before we seek His hand and all “these things” will be given to us in Mathew 6:33, but because of the misconception bred in ignorance that humility equals poverty, many of our brothers and sisters in the faith are missing out on their own promise.
Do you see how important it is to meditate on the word for wisdom? The bible says in James 1:5,

if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God…” If you believe and not doubt, God will generously supply you with more than enough. He will generously give it to you.

In my situation at the time, I had not taken the opportunity to ask or even seek further wisdom on the subject, so naturally when the question about my horoscope stance arose, I hadn’t been confident in a proper response. Now, I had got the confidence to refer certain passages in the bible to support my claim like in Revelations 21. Yet, though I’d read that witchcraft displeased God, beyond that I hadn’t dug deeper for a clearer understanding. Actually, I couldn’t even recall where in the Old Testament I read it!
So now do you see why what I’d done was stupid over ignorance? Stupidity implies a choice. I had the opportunity to meditate on the issue and receive further perspective so that I could rightly divide God’s word, but I hadn’t known as much as this co-worker thought I should so I took the easy way out.
In retrospect, I know that perhaps in some way she wanted my approval, as if it mattered, to see if her discussion with others about the horoscopes was “ok.” In my summation, who was I to judge? However, as the word of God reveals, we are to judge only by the same means that we intend to be judged ourselves.
Basically, if you hadn’t gotten that area of your house in order, you really have no room to judge another by the state of their home. I’d been given access to the truth, but wasn’t confident in my claim. It’s taken me years to admit that to myself. I knew what not to do, but did not know why. I think that’s where a lot of Christians err in their witness.
For instance, we say it’s wrong to have premarital sex because “it’s in the bible.” Yet, we fail to explain the consequences of fornication. In essence, we fail to properly confirm our claim because we lack preparation.
With regard to Horoscopes, I admit, I used to rely heavily on them because they seemed so on point with how my life had been going at the time.
Angh! Wrong Answer! Survey Says>>
The thing that we as Christians have to realize is that “for entertainment purposes only” does not negate the damage that’s inherently done by relying on such. It all starts in one’s mind. Before long, you begin to anticipate what the columnist wrote as opposed to what God wrote concerning your life. You unconsciously accept their opinion over God’s opinion.
And for the record, when you put your trust in anything other than God, it’s idolatry. So though it’s taken me about three years to properly answer the question, I can gladly say that no, horoscopes do not offend me, they offend God! Enough Said.
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Purely Balanced

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My washing machine taught me a powerful lesson recently.

So I thought I’d finshed my laundry only to realize I had one more load to go. It was a small one so I just tossed the clothes in without adjusting the settings. After the cycle began, I noticed a little noise, but thought nothing of it. Then came the rattle.  I still ignored it.

Well, about 20 minutes later, I was not expecting what I found. My washer had literally spun around in the opposite direction.

So what made my washer do a little dance?

Simple. It wasn’t balanced.

In my haste, I created a bigger problem.

Been here before…ooh too many times…so that got me to wondering. Am I unbalanced?  I mean, I read the bible so I have the instructions to do what I should, but like Paul, the things I say I’m going to do, I don’t and the things I say I’m not, I do. (paraphrasing here) 

For instance, there have been times I’ve taken on responsibilities that I really can’t handle with a smile and a lie that “I’m fine” when things are anything but that. Worse yet, relationally, I’ve been guity of accepting less than who God designed for me as if “any man will do.” I know I’m not alone here so let’s get real….

Let’s face it, regardless of how independently woman you are, all real women want to be loved by a real man the way God intendeds, but often times, we haven’t taken the time to ensure that we are up to par (Pure and Righteous) ourselves.

We have this long list of imaginary, prince charming requirements, and wind up settling for a big bull frog because we compromise. Oh never mind that he’s not a Christian or that he is an obvious playboy or that he has a serious lying problem….SHHHSH


For too long have Christian woman failed to follow the instructions God provides and we end up a statistic, bitter, or both. I have learned that even a lot of tiny things done wrong can cause a world of hurt. Yet, we can’t mosey along neglecting the signs of trouble either.

Now recall, I heard the noise with my washer, but I chose to ignore it.

The Holy Spirit gives us cues as to the direction we should take, but often times, we fail to take action. Rather, we fail to take the right action. And yes, ladies, that means sometimes you must quite literally let go and let God. Just as my washer made a 180 degree turn, we have the potential to turn our lives in the wrong direction when we ignore or simply refuse to comply with the Lord’s leading. Despite how much we may “want” something to work, when we aren’t careful to adhere to the Holy Spirit’s warnings, we end up with needless problems.

Remember this is your life!

If we are to remain pure to our purpose , we must “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added”-Mathew 6:33 …. for the record, that includes Mr. Right. When we live unbalanced lives we can’t expect another person to fill us where we’re empty. Only God can fill that void and He provided us with the perfect instruction guide, His holy word. Yet, it is our responsibility to read it.

Thankfully my washer survived my negligence, but as a divorced mother of two, some choices I’ve made have been irreversible and life-changing. And they have cost me a lot more than a few bucks so I refuse to live with future regrets of trying to fix a problem my way. Instead, I’ll follow the instructions provided by my maker. That way I’m sure to remain purely balanced.

©2013 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, the right or wrong video is worth a million hits! That said, if you are in ministry, I caution before you post just any old thing. Social media will either propel your purpose for Christ or pollute it.

Christians should not be so “normal” within society that there’s no evidence of a difference so be proactive with your actions and words online. For that matter, you might want to get a grip on your self control in person as well. I mean it only takes a few seconds for someone to press record and even less time to post your antics for all the world to see!

Trust! I grew up in church, but I seriously almost threw up the deuces after high school because of what I saw!   And that experience was in person! Now, there is an entirely different set of P.E.W.S. to consider: PEOPLE EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME! (And yes, I realize that “simultaneously” would have fit that acronym better, but you do you and I will do me)!

I know what you’re thinking:

    “I can just hide it from my time line.”

“I can just delete my comment!”

“I have privacy controls in place!” 

                                   “I’m covered by the blood!”

“We all Make Mistakes!”

Yes, I get it.

These are plausible excuses, but they are what they are: excuses!

I know I probably lost a few of you with that last comment, but hear me out as I work my way up from the bottom!  Yes, the blood of Jesus covers every sin, however, the Father holds us more accountable the more we know. Basically, He is a good father and any parent knows there must be boundaries, warnings, and consequences…IN THAT ORDER!

God’s word clearly provides the parameters and for all the other stuff….“privacy” policies don’t really matter. Facebook’s ongoing court fiascoes are proof of that. It is still terribly easy for a person to  reset a password on your social media account because of the cell phone number attached to it.  Yes, peeps it’s sad but true!

Privacy does not apply to social media period!

So even if you remove a post later, it doesn’t negate the fact that you—YES, YOU alone have put yourself out there for the world to see! Even if it is only for a moment, that moment can never be retracted.

Once it’s posted, it’s permanent!

Wow…I’m not big on negativity and I can’t help but feel like a Debbie Downer with this post!

Yet, there is HOPE! You can avoid a lot of the pits of this public forum by relying on the Holy Spirit to lead You!  Just Be Proactive!

My prayer is you consider the platform of social media as a means to glorify God and not to “messify” your witness! Yes, I made that word up! Basically, if you don’t want people to know about it tomorrow, don’t post it today!

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