Co-dependence: The Guilt that Keeps on Giving

Today is a day of firsts! The first day of the month and the first day in over 12 years that I'll dare set foot on the scene of the crime...the one that momentarily left me with the inability to feel I had a reason to smile. Yet, for no particular reason I've learned to... Continue Reading →

Reverse Your Worse

You can't predict the issues you'll face, but you can choose your response as issues arise. That said, I suggest you reverse your worse and live fulfilled! I know it seems so easy to say that doesn't it?  Of course it does. The challenge is in your follow through.  Well, this is not a time to point the finger to... Continue Reading →

Something Borrowed, Something Blue-Part 1

This morning the Lord placed this title on my heart so I can let you know the importance of ownership. No I'm not talking houses and cars. While those acquisitions might give reason to get a pat on the back, I'm talking about personal accountability here. In short, stop passing the buck and own the issues you've created... Continue Reading →

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