Do Black Lives Really Matter?

I heard about another shooting and I was again hesitant to look up the details.   I had good reason, but how could I avoid it. Alton Sterling's picture was plastered everywhere. The video capturing his murder quickly going viral...the outrage escalating...the pain eminating through a people...silently and aloud: Do Black lives really matter? Alas,... Continue Reading →

So I guess we’re all a bunch of N**gas…

 Are we to become victims of our own choices? I can't believe I actually forgot to check whether Christine McMullen Lindgren got fired the other day, but a friend sent me an update. I suppose I could say I forgot because I had so much going on, but in reality I think I subconsciously blocked... Continue Reading →

It’s More than a Race Issue

I posted this little note this morning on Facebook after reading the following headline: WHITE GUNMAN CAUGHT IN KILLING OF 9 IN HISTORIC BLACK CHURCH I'm more disturbed by the headline of this article than its content. Despite the facts that 9 black lives were lost to a white assailant, we need not make this... Continue Reading →

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