NOT Again! Black Lives Still Matter I intentionally removed myself from social media for a while to refresh and to focus on my books and other business ventures...yet, in the last few days I've allowed myself to  indulge for maybe 30 minutes a day or so to play catch up. I wish I could say that it were not more... Continue Reading →

Just Be

So today before I could get out of bed I cried out. I admitted with silent tears that "I don't know what I'm doing...what I am to do...I don't know the next step! Deflated. I gathered what was left of myself and painted.  I painted my face to hide my frustration ...of not knowing and... Continue Reading →

Rest for His BeLoved

The benefits of true rest are amazing!!! Maybe I'm feeling a bit nostalgic because I'm that much closer to 40!  Oh is my the way... About this time last year, I realized the importance of resurrecting the relationships that matter, however, though I've reconnected with family and friends lately, the one person I've still neglected is myself.... Continue Reading →

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