Wow…I know…pretty morbid title…but now that I have your attention…this is just a public service announcement or reminder:

The enemy doesn’t have to kill you if he can convince you to do it for him!

As much as I love to bake sweet treats, I’ve come to realize how much my inability to pump my brakes on my consumption of sugar has impacted my health. This little info graph is interesting: 

I’m not trying to make you fearful. I’m learning to be more disciplined with my consumption of a lot lately so I thought I’d pass it along. Though my vitals are always great, I know that when I reduced my water intake and increased my sugar and caffeine why it seemed I wasn’t actually as able to rest properly, was fatigued constantly, and felt like I went back through puberty. Stress and the inflammation caused by too much sugar and too little watee had dramatically upset the balance in my body and what was toxic on the inside was showing up on the outside. And yes folks. I give Glory to God for this revelation too! Yes. There are studies out there…yes I read a lot and research more, but God brought back to my remembrance a radio program I used to listen to when I was in AR that discussed natural alternatives to reverse the diseases our culture has created. 

I thought about that show and desired to find it, but didn’t know where to start so so did nothing. But God allowed a link to the very info I needed to come to my phone a couple nights later. That info got me off to a great start because while I’m big on  taking vitamins and supplements…they were no longer doing what they should because my liver had become toxic. Though it’s been almost a decade since I’ve abused alcohol, God showed me I traded one addiction for another by going overboard on the sugar and caffeine. The damaging effects of sugar are mindnumbing…The price of so-called maintenance medications for preventable diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, if nothing else is my motivation for getting myself on a better health track. 

In short though…INFLAMATION IS EXACERBATED BY TOO MUCH SUGAR…SO AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES LIKE ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, ASTHMA AND OTHERS ARE WORSENED DESPITE TOPICAL AND OR SURGICAL PROCEDURES…Arthritis, gout, boils, acne…hyper sensitivity to the sun makes you more susceptible to cancer...I mean basking outside all day in my yard working with flowers was my tranquil time with God for years. I would literally stay out there for hours with no problems, but then I began to burn like crazy the moment I stepped outside and sunscreen didn’t help. I was confined to my house because I’d become as mu cousin would say, a vampire…I now know I needed to detox my liver and my life of drama…all of these ailments are linked back to sugar and stress. I’m not putting anyone at fault here. Back then, the sun sensitivity should have clued me in, but I chopped it up to aging.  But God created our bodies to be resilient…if losing weight and getting active could reverse arthritis in my back, of course I know God has given me access to this info to keep this body in top shape and function…

So back my sugar rollercoaster…I was doing so well for about a month saying no to sweets. Then last week happened. I suppose it started with a lack of sleep that led to coffee that led to a sugar overload the next few days because the office had a conference room full of free goodies. It took me a few days to notice the changes in my skin, but by that 4th day it was apparent the sugar needs to go again…I wanted my glow back! By now I knew that make up wasn’t what I needed…even God’s led me to get certain types of that lately! Seriously, God desires you at your best and He will provide the means!

I thought about the moment I declared aloud, 

I don’t know how to stop once I start

That was when the temptation was greater and the offer was made when I happened to leave my lunch at home that first day. It’s as if the enemy sought to bring me exactly what I wanted because I mentioned this clue. I’m not knocking my bosses for giving us access to the treats, but I am aware of the tricks of the enemy. I know I need to be healthy to be more effective in ministry and while I held my own a while, when I was thirsty and hungry I fell off….

 I will say it’s been a wonderful life at home with my kids not having all that soda around. My daughter’s eczema improved.  Of course, I know when she cheats with sugar at school because it shows. Yet, my son is less anxious and I’m just cool. This is where I used to be and where I want to stay…I want my soul to prosper because that is what God wants…I want my children’s souls to prosper…I want my husband’s soul to prosper…And sometimes that means cutting out what you can’t handle yet, asking God to strengthen your resolve to refuse what the enemy is offering, and to develop a taste for His chosen alternative. 

“It would be easier if the devil would just say, here I’ve baked you up a lovely batch of poison because I want you to kill yourself one cookie at a time!”

But that’s not how he rolls…it’s not temptation if you don’t want it, is it? Moving on…

The bottom line is you must be willing to think before you consume that which is provided because while all good gifts come from the Lord, all gifts arent from Him. Recall how Jesus was tempted with bread when he was hungry. Moreover, stress was a major culprit for my lack of balance. I was constantly on edge at one point worried about my son because he’d been really rebellious for a while, but deep down God showed me He just needed me to listen to him when he spoke…to not try to remedy his issue…besides Jesus said, “give the boy to me!” That was a while ago, but what I just noticed is that 

Sooo now I’m getting back on  track to stay that way and I admonish you to do the same. After all, you really do only live once on this side of heaven so might as well make it last!