I’m still full from today’s discussion at church…this first installment of what a woman wants, what a man needs has been great confirmation for some of the things and paths God’s working in and through my life.

When my pastor mentioned how women need affection he hit just the tip of the iceberg because baaaby…the rest that followed felt like this dude had been peeking through the pages of my journal!

Still, it was refreshing to be in an atmosphere where I realized why all this time I’ve been so particular about my standards…and nooo I’m still not budging on ’em either…I have lived long enough to know EXACTLY WHAT I DON’T WANT…and that knowledge has paved the way for me discovering what I need!

When he mentioned, she wants to be adored…that hit home…now I know why for years I’d be hung up on all these romantic comedies…there was always this surrealism I wanted to taste. I probably at some point have mentioned in previous writings about how that stuff on the screen is selling false hope or something like that, but the more I get acquainted with the real me I’m convinced those type of romances do exist…of course it’s not going to happen immediately…well, actually given what I’ve experienced in my last year or so, I think once you get a revelation of who God has for you, that process can take longer…trust me…it’s been a long winding path for this chick, but every time I get to a place and think, “why bother with this love crap, it isn’t reciprocal!” God reminds me of how long and hard He loved me before I began to reciprocate it.

I can only hope my future spouse loves me half as much as God has shown me over the years and I’ll die an utterly satisfied young lady. That said, let me get to my point…just because a man’s head is big enough to fit a crown, doesn’t mean he is worthy to receive one…The bible states the virtuous wife is the crown of her husband’s head…Understand that if he is not able to receive what you are ready to offer, it might be time to move on.

Notice, I said might.

I say might because sometimes what you think is denial is merely delay…and delay is really perfect timing. I’ve said before God’s given me too many confirmations for me to deny with the one I’m supposed to be with, but still we both have a choice in the matter.

My pastor even mentioned a few weeks ago how God’s not going to force you to pick up your mantle.  That said, the things I’ve experienced in my heart have been interesting…at times I feel like this waiting game is like watching paint dry and at other times I get paranoid considering I am to do or say when things shift forward as I perceive they will?

And then there’s the meantime…okay I promise I have a point…that segway where frogs present themselves as princes….

Thankfully, now I see ’em coming a mile away, but doesn’t the devil knows how to dress ’em up though?

…all the things I thought I wanted…the height, the physique, the complexion—yeah I went there— but today as I almost began to OVERTHINK my process for the 100th time again…and I heard the whisper…


I thought I had…BOTTOM LINE…LADIES, consider the Right Kingly attributes…God outlined it to Moses…Check out DEUTERONOMY 17:14-20.

And of course learn to wait well.

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