“Let’s go to the other side.” Those were Jesus’ words to His disciples moments before  two paradoxical events occurred: Jesus went to sleep and the biggest storm the disciples could have imagined threatened to take them out! I like how the NIV states: Jesus was sleeping on a cushion.

To put it plain…sure He knew the storm would come, but He also knew what He’d already said too…so Jesus was straight “chillaxing”…

Sometimes in life we go through storms just after God’s told us we’re getting to the other side not because He doesn’t know the next step, but to show you whether you really trust Him enough to know that come what may, you will make it to your appointed destination.

As soon as the disciples sought the Lord, He calmed the storm. Notice Jesus was with them all along, but they still panicked. Their panic led them to call on Him when Jesus’ mere presence should have been sufficient to  provide them the peace they needed to endure the rough waters. Jesus calmed the storm by saying “quiet, be still”as He has done to the storms I’ve encountered.

I used to fret like the disciples, but now I know better because Jesus is with me, I know I’m  getting to the other side.

So no matter how fierce your situation may be now, if Jesus is with you, know you too will get there.

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