For years God has shown me bits and pieces of my destiny. Considering the way He designed my mind, at times it has been frustrating to see the things that He has for me only to have to push the reset button multiple times before my reality mirrors that vision. I’ve said before that my vision has been set on fast forward for a long while and that still seems to be the case yet again.

Only now as I walk more closely with My Heavenly Father I am comforted with the reality that those things I desire need to be delayed for purpose. It’s not that certain people, places, and things are not to manifest in my future, but that my personal growth is far more important to God that mere things and people that will fade with time.

The saying goes, “time waits for no one,” yet I’ve allowed myself to meander along lately as if I have absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do. Yet, perhaps that’s my problem…I’ve spent far too much of my time as a human doing and human going instead of embracing myself as the human being God had in mind when He formed me. 

I penned the first portion of this post nearly two months ago and strangely, but not so much…my pastor and his team was forced to confront flight delays while in route from Kenya last weekend. The intention had been to arrive a few days early so that they would make it back in time for our regular service. Thankfully, everyone made it to the destination in time. Now as for my pastor’s agenda, not “on time” as planned but “in time” as expected. That is as God expected. 

I’ve been full since Sunday!

Though at times I was tired and wanted to give up on matters I held dear in my heart because of confusion and let’s face it,stubbornness, God reminded me that even in my darkest moments He had me covered. 

So yes, delays on this path have had me wondering when would I ever arrive and fear of the unknown made me ponder would I fall out of the sky the moment I reach the highest heights…and yet the Father knew how long I needed to be in preparation for my next role in His Kingdom.  

This time a few years ago I allowed extra baggage weigh me down and threaten to keep my thinking on the ground.  Though I felt a tug, I simply wasn’t ready to call “this place” home. But through all I’ve endured in the last year, O have learned to pack lighter for the journies…to slow down and pay attention to things and people I’d otherwise overlook. And somehow I found myself more comfortable in a new situation….perhaps because with every connection point I, like our beloved pastor and team received, had a place of rest prepared for me with every interuption of “our”plans. 

Now, I’m sure where I am is where I was destined all along. It just took more time than I thought necessary to land safely being who I am.  Still, I simply refuse to resent the process.