I have intentionally not posted lately because I have been working on other projects, but I would be remiss in my ministry if I failed to account what God whispered to me in my heart today.

For clarity’s sake I’ll just say right now my day job is in the medical community.

This morning a patient’s wife called in a panic. Apparently she made a refill request for her husband’s medications because he’d run out before his next appointment. As she spoke I confirmed she just called yesterday with the same request, but I still offered to send a reminder. Yet, just as I was about to send it, the screen changed. Her request was already done! I realized the time stamp of completion matched the exact time she called so while she worried and thought it necessary to make another request every she thought she needed was handled as she originally expected.

Oh the joy this revelation brought me…that not only had her request been done behind the scenes, but so had mine…so had the things I’d requested of the Lord in my solace …God answered my prayer as I was ready to call again by way of one of His earthly angels this morning.

Of course the patient was pleased, but I was at peace knowing God spoke to my heart in that moment the very title of this post…to know that my words last night and this morning didn’t go unnoticed…well, at least it wasn’t unnoticed by my Father…and I sought to call again, but it was already done.

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