Change the Course!!!

I came across this I wrote four years ago, but it is more prevalent in my life today than ever…read and share…

Change the Course! Something struck me as incredibly odd the other day. I’d come to a railroad crossing and there had been about five cars in front of me waiting in line for a supposed train. The lights were flashing and the rail arm had been down, but, there was no train. After a few minutes, the impatience of four of the five cars took the chance of crossing the tracks despite the warning. Shortly after those few cars bypassed, the other side began doing the same thing narrowly missing each other. The first car that had been waiting, now sat directly in front of me and though he was in full view of either side of the tracks he didn’t budge. Well, after hearing about all the derailments and train/car matchups that didn’t really match up, I’d already made up my mind that I wasn’t budging either. I was okay with waiting. Well, apparently the cars behind me didn’t feel the same way and then began swinging out and doing just as the other cars had before, taking their chances with the tracks. Shortly thereafter, the car who’d been sitting there cautiosly eyeing the track in both directions slowly inched out and across the tracks to the other side as well. Now ten mins had gone by and yes, normally I probably would have been a bit impatient myself, but I decided another alternative. I backed up and turned around. Now, perhaps had my children not been in the car, I would have done that a lot sooner or I may have even dared to to the same thing that I’d seen instead of daring to be different. Yet, the funny thing is that when I stepped out and changed the course in my direction, everyone who was behind me, did the same thing.


The point to this little anecdote is not to get you paranoid about the railroad crossings (though–true story–a girl I met last night had actually been hit by a train in a car and survived–note of caution), but to push you to have the courage to do something different to benefit you and those you love instead of sticking to what seems like the quickest and most popular route. It would have been an awful mess had the train plowed over those vehicles. Yet, I had sense enough to “examine the situation for what it is (dangerous and foolish), back up(hindsight does not have to be 20/20 when the obvious is right in front of you), and take a new course of action( I still made it to my destination—and sooner than some of the other cars because they’d been backed up in traffic from following the others). Remember,changing your course is not just about you, but about everyone who’s behind you.

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Rehearse Your Greatness

I remember a while back when I worked in corporate America, we would have weekly team meetings to discuss our progress. There was only one issue… Though the company as a whole was #2 in the country..rarely were we ever told of our progress in these meetings! It was more of a bash session…completely depressing and not something to look forward to at all.  At one meeting in particular my manager was going down the laundry list of what we did wrong and I had to say something!

So like all good little employees, I raised my hand and waited to be acknowledged..”ugh did we do anything right?” Of course some of my team laughed, but the rest kind of nodded in agreement. I can’t really recall much after that, but not too long afterwards when we had one on one meetings, management began using the good, better, and best technique…you know talking about what we did well, what we could have done to improve, and the best thing we did. I can’t say that my comment sparked that change definitely, however, the same something inside of me that refused to listen to all the negativity someone else tried to bash me with then is the same person I am now…only wiser..I say wiser because now I have sense enough to know what NOT to allow into my atmosphere. That said, though you cannot control what people say about you, you can decide on what you will say to yourself. It makes absolutely no sense for you to be against you!

Ask yourself: Am I the deterrent to my own destiny?

Be honest and consider this message your wake up call because God has already told you you’re fearfully and wonderfully made…you are His beloved…you CAN DO all things through Christ who strengthens you.

So are you the one mishandling your mouth and speaking death into a situation where God has promised life? 

Singles…Maybe the time has come for God to send you “the one” but instead of rehearsing your greatness, you are muttering lies instead…

Let me give you a few toxic thoughts that poison your path to purpose with regards to relationships….


         “This always happens to me, no one will ever treat me right” 

          “I’ll never find the love of my life!”

          “No one ever listens to me!”


How about “YOU” START TREATING “YOU” RIGHT FIRST! When you begin to treat “YOU” right, you set a precedent! You will not settle for less and your outlook of others will be more positive. You’ll understand that if someone tries to do wrong by you, that it is his or her loss, you will be able to forgive quickly, and you will be able to leave a bad situation with your head and heart intact.

How about you realize that as a child of God you already have the love of your life through Christ! God loves you so much, He died to prove it! Understand that another human being IS NOT MEANT TO COMPLETE YOU!!! In fact, two halves make a whole only in math…when God inspired the text saying, “and the two become one,” He means TWO WHOLE people come together and be as one unit with time and effort…husbands and wives are meant to complement one another while only God can complete either of them.

God left nothing out when He created you…

In fact, two halves in marriage equal He’ll not Holiness…trust I’ve lived through it…not once, but twice! I simply refuse to allow myself to be unequally yoked and you shouldn’t either…whether friend or man…real talk!

How about you take the time to listen to others first! As a speaker, this is something I have had to learn. I’m still learning this. Just Listen! When you listen to others, you are being intentional and that subconsciously gives others permission to do the same.

The bottom line is that if you don’t take the time to rehearse to yourself all the good about you,the alternative is relying on others to mislabel you…labels are sticky and hard to come off, but oil can remove anything and yes will make you shine.

Just being healed is not enough…you must be whole…Allow the Holy Spirit to show you the root of your bitterness and help up dig it up. Ask Him to guide you in ways to allow the good seed sown in you through the hearing and studying of His word to germinate and grow.

Know that God created a wonderful being when He created you…He told you…I’m telling…Now try telling yourself.

Fix that Door and Move On!

Laughter is my best medicine. I must find the funny in everything to function and no, I’m not mental!

So…basically, I planned to go to bowling the other day…was dressed and for a change would have actually been on time (the Lord is yet working on me in this area)


Anyway…I go to open the door to leave and there I am all dolled up (yep, I’m a bit girlie girl)…purse and keys in one hand, the door knob in the other…considering my options…

So I decided to break out my tools…yes and I know how to use them.SwaggerGirl_Cape

So finally I get to the point of my title…I couldn’t leave until I fixed the door…

It made me consider my current relational status…I don’t consider being single who I am…which was further confirmed by Sunday’s message…I know my purpose as a follower of Christ and I still consider myself a wife…I just know I’m meant to be one to the right one.


I just happen to be in “transition”…yeah…that has a nice little ring to it.

You see…though I was heading bowling that night, I was still trying to wrap my head around what was to transpire the next day.

My ex-husband had planned to visit my daughter from Little Rock, and because I’m not allowing my daughter out of my sight for any reason, I had to go as well…

It wasn’t unforgiveness, but definitely uneasiness…

I had been sort of dreading the reunion because I didn’t want what usually happened to happen again… there were always “misunderstandings!”

I thought…I want him to know that I have no hard feelings, but I also don’t want him to think I have “other feelings” either.

See my dilemma?

It was always a catch 22…if I rejected speaking to him, I was thought to hate him…if I was nice…I was expected to remarry him…

I had been praying about our interaction all week and asking God to reveal to me if I had any unforgiveness lurking in my heart that went unchecked…God confirmed that I had forgiven him, however, that I needed to still endure this test.



Well, prayer works…the Lord showed me that just as I’d left alcoholism alone nearly 8 years ago and since had several tests…and yes…though I’ve drank a little…like 3 times within that time…He showed me how I have no taste for that life or the liquor itself anymore…in essence, I had to be exposed to it to know I’m completely done…

Hey, I’m not knocking anyone who drinks, I just know my boundaries now…that’s something I never really had before…for drinking or relationships…

Just pass me a Green Tea and the one God has chosen for me!

I guess you really know that you have forgiven and closed the door to the hurt of your past when you find yourself praying for that person and not in one of those, “God get ’em prayers!”

My point in all this is that God showed me that I had to fix the broken places in this past relationship to properly close the door before I would truly have my heart free enough to receive the man God has for me.  I did what I needed to do.  Maybe it’s time you do the same.





It’s Just Me

Of all the things that are easier said than done, for me I believe guarding my heart is my vice. It seems that no matter what I do I keep finding myself distracted with “feelings.” I guess it fits…I was always considered the “sensitive one” as a child. I was the one who cried over everything and anything. I was the one who wanted to know why someone did this and why someone did that. I was the one who seemed intrigued with everyone. I wanted to know what made them tick. I remember we used to have Childcraft Encyclopedias and I was fascinated with only two of them.  My favorite still was the one titled: How things work.  Looking back, I suppose it clearly fits my personality because it seems whenever I encounter a new person, I can’t help but wonder how they got to be who they are or rather who they “think” they are.  I just wish people were more honest! I’ve been called brutally honest over the years and for a time…one too long…I obliged others and stifled my honesty for their sakes…Yes, they couldn’t handle the truth…not mine and especially not theirs. Regardless, as I embrace the new me who is really the old me, I wear a crooked smile with pride.