At almost 2 am I’m wondering why in the world am I still up and at this computer. Yet, at the very moment I was about to turn in, I saw this on Facebook: racismspeaks

Now I’m sure that there are thousands of messages if not more floating around the web and in the hearts of many, but the thing that caught everyone’s attention I suppose is that her profile is public and she works for Bank of America.  So far, I noticed that about 24K people have mentioned it and sent word back to bank of America.  I admit I went through some of the other posts and I even found myself checking out this woman’s page as well. I noticed in her friend list there were a few African Americans. There was even an interracial couple there as well. In that moment, I thought, “I wonder what they are thinking about this?”stopracism

Then I noted that others were commenting that the conversation seemed to show that many of her friends were in a agreement with her statements including the ones who by the looks of this message she considered, “Niggers.”  I’m wide awake now all over again and I really planned to hit the hay and get some rest.  Now, however, this thing has me staring at this screen wondering why we haven’t gotten beyond this stupidity yet?  I mean it’s been years!  I’m not hung up on reparation or anything like that, but there comes a time when enough is enough. Her words if they were indeed hers (I’m really struggling with trying to believe the best).  Yet, even if she didn’t do it…someone with a heart just as evil as we’ve demonized her as having did it.  thC61642AH

Perhaps someone even worse.  Regardless, I’m tired of all this mess and I really don’t understand why we still are having to deal with this crap. I mean this is a time when technology is booming, we are more educated now than ever before and apparently everybody wants to be free of “discrimination” to the point where we are lumping everyone into a melting pot of confusion.  I don’t like the way the future is unfolding here for my children. My brother mentioned a while back that he hopes and prays that there will be some decent young men available and willing to marry his daughters by the time they come of age. They are 7 and 9 years old now.  My daughter just told me that her 13 year old bestie had an abortion because she got pregnant.  And Donald Trump is a candidate for presidency.  I’m so confused with this stuff I’m finding myself praying for Jesus to return now. It would be a lot simpler than to sit and watch this world deteriorate like it has been.

I’m torn over this issue because part of me wants her fired.  Part of me even wants her to have to be on welfare and suffer.  I know that’s wrong so I guess the part of me that hopes those things is my flesh.  Lord, please forgive me and help me forgive her and any other person regardless of their race who treats me differently because I don’t look like them.


Father, help us heal from wounds that have been passed down from other generations.  Father, open our eyes so that we may see our potential as well as the potential in others to do better than we did the day before. Help us to love like You love and to forgive as You forgive. Father, cleanse our hearts of resentment and strife. Help us not blame others for our misfortune and to trust You to be our vindicator. Forgive me Father, for the feelings I’ve had in these moments.  Yet, it angers me still. So yes, I wish I could wake up tomorrow and find racism, poverty, entitlement, and murder no longer existed, but the more I consider it the more useless the notion seems.  God please help us weather this storm too.  The cycle has to stop. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.