I remember a while back my daughter noticed me reading a bunch of relationship books and blogs so she asked me, “Mama, why are you looking up all this information about relationships and marriage when you’re not married and you don’t even have a man?”

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Yep, the truth shall set me free, but it hurts coming from such an innocent bystander!

Nah…not really…if you’ve read any of my other posts with interactions from my daughter Kayla you should know that she is just as blunt if not more than her mother.

At least I can credit myself for having a quick response though, “Before you take the test, you’ve got to study.”

Hmmm…studying the right material was something I never really did prior to either of my marriages….Yes, I’m 0 for 2!!!

I really only married my first husband out of convenience. I mean we were together and I got pregnant so Why not?

Wow… that sounds worse when I read it….moving on…

The second one was pretty much doomed from the start because God was nowhere in the selection process…

Well, maybe He was, but I just didn’t listen…I mean the first day I met him, I told myself to, “Walk away.”

However, at some point in the weeks that followed, I ended up in a relationship with him anyway…

Eight long years of codependency…talk about draining…

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No wonder I thought I was an introvert before!

I was in a place then that was really a little pitiful.  I can see now that  I was broken and seeking what no man could offer. I was seeking what only god could give me…WHOLENESS!


I used to say that two halves don’t make a whole when speaking of relationships, but for whatever reason I didn’t bother to listen to my own advice.  I was in the business of “fixing men.” funny to think that a broken person would have the audacity to try to fix another!

Boy was that dumb!images (17)

I can laugh at my antics now, but a few years or even months ago I might have cried myself to sleep thinking of the mistakes I’ve made.

It’s not that serious though…I know that everything had to happen that way and I can honestly say I forgive my exes for everything…It’s really refreshing to forgive…

I know I would have never gotten to this place had I not been able to do so…

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