Green Light in All Directions

"The traffic light at Hacks Cross Rd is out. It's showing a green light in all directions for about five minutes." When traffic lights go out, it's common sense to treat them as a four-way even proceed with caution...but when I heard this news on the radio today, I got a different message. So... Continue Reading →

Not Quite Homeless

As I braved the bitter temperatures arresting my face and hands this morning I felt thankful and saddened in an instant. That feeling lasted a little longer than I wanted. So I continued about the business of moving things from my car to another temporary residence. My second trip indoors was harder than my first... Continue Reading →

My Earnest Reply

I've been contemplating a request that had been made of me for a while.  I shared my thoughts with a trusted friend and he advised that I ensure that the call was more than a mere desire...that it was an actual call from God.... Over the years, I've discovered a few things about my name.... Continue Reading →

Quit Trippin’ and shed the wait in 2016

Yep this is one of those random unedited posts...decided to include my own silly pics from my holiday adventures just'll get that later... know there are errors...but I'll correct those later...maybe... If patience is a virtue, procrastination is a no the title was not a typo...I meant "wait"...told ya, I'm not going there... Continue Reading →

Just Chunk It!

I'm amazed at how my sudden desire to move again hasn't wrecked my nerves!  I'm sure it has nothing to do with my naturally calm-demeanor (insert sarcastic grin here), but everything to do with the peace God promises according to Phil. 4:7. Over the last few weeks I've gone through a lot of my clothes,... Continue Reading →

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