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September 2015

I Know Not…

A while ago my prayer for wisdom seemed a simple request.  Almost immediately I found myself tested.  Questions about relationships, finances, wholeness, and a fruitful spiritual walk arose daily.  Ironically, all of which were areas I deemed myself woefully deficient.  Yet I was on the receiving end of such anyway.  Perhaps those who asked of me knew me better than I knew myself at the time.


There is One who knows me best.  God does. He answered my prayer for wisdom and discernment.  I expected to wait longer like some of the prayers of years passed. I’m embarrassed to admit the burden I requested…for people to look to me for answers when my own mind seems adrift most days in a sea of known things I desire to forget….


Since that prayer many months ago, conviction has been my constant companion. Discernment has kept me awake  many nights and I’ve found myself still unable to grasp the “who” that I am. Instead, my mind has jogged between the must dos and must goes…yet today, my heart stopped.

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I had no answers.  I didn’t know half of what people expected of me.

Before her illness, I thought I knew His plan. In fact, I thought ours were identical.  Yet God’s lacked what mine was full of…Omissions…

  • My plan conveniently withheld the discipline required to possess a submissive will.  
  • My plan included the gifts without the opposition.  
  • Yes, my plan outlined the desires of a tattered heart, but still passively dismissed that Christ really did have the ability to make it beat again.
  • My plan had several emergency exits.  

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This journey has forced me to rely on God’s provision day by day.  So though I resisted before, now, I’ve made the choice to fully surrender my plan to His.  I admit I really don’t know the next step!  Regardless, there is one thing I am still sure of…without His guidance I simply don’t know enough!

©2015 Nadia Davis.  All rights Reserved.

You Know He’s Able so Why aren’t you Willing to Finish?

I admit that the things I’ve gone through over the passed few months have been daunting, yet, I still somehow had the faith to believe that I could still accomplish what I’d vowed to God I would so long ago.  I’ve been sitting on half-completed manuscripts, ideas, creations for years and I became determined that no matter what happened this year at least four of those bad boys would be published.  So I paid for a publishing package for the main one. I considered it progress.  Yet, this morning God met me with a stinging reminder that I had still not fully obeyed His will.

And then it really hit home. Here I was beginning to take on loads of work from others that I really didn’t want to do. I mean the number of people who have contacted me lately offering large sums of cash has had me baffled. Yet, in my spirit I’d hear the real reason for my discomfort…I never wanted that! Yes, I like nice things and I love helping people, but the frustration I’d experienced recently was completely voluntary. I’d brought it on myself. I said yes when I really wanted to say no. I offered to help edit, write grants, and get others off to a great start while I found myself sitting still with so much unfinished business.

So today the most courageous thing I knew I could offer anyone is to finish what I’ve started…to complete the directives that I’d been given…to remain fully obedient to God’s will in lieu of what “they” thought or said. So I’ve determined to follow the heart…no not my heart…the heart of Christ because today I’m keenly aware that my blessings are bound there…that true submission starts there…so I’ve forgiven myself for over committing to help others progress while my own fruit withered…Knowing that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, I’m embracing His grace and extending the same to others…forgetting what’s been done and moving toward what will be.

I know this way I’ll reach more and I won’t get caught up in worrying about whether this person or that person wants it as bad as I want it for them. Yes, my books will point them in the right direction, but I won’t be drained in the process of another’s indecisiveness.

That said, I’ll continue to observe others…their triumphs…their failures…their lessons…and glean what is necessary for my journey. Regardless, I’ll finish.

Reverse Your Worse

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You can’t predict the issues you’ll face, but you can choose your response as issues arise. That said, I suggest you reverse your worse and live fulfilled!

I know it seems so easy to say that doesn’t it?  Of course it does. The challenge is in your follow through.  Well, this is not a time to point the finger to anything  or anybody else!  If it were, we could use up the whole day laying out the reasons why we choose to do the same old thing.

Nope, the blame of your ordinary existence is in your hands alone.


In case you’re as fuzzy about your future and how to walk in your purpose as I was until VERY recently, here are four tips that can jolt you into your new norm: fulfilling your destiny.

  1. Be present and accountable. Realize that you were not created for the sole purpose of keeping yourself company.  No, you were created to impact the lives of others in a positive way.  If you are too busy meandering between regrets and missed opportunities of yesterday you not only risk the demise of your future, but also that of those who are destined to follow your lead…whether it be your children, other family members, friends, or even strangers.   Yes, even you matter!
  2. Only give your past a glance.  The past is the past.  The decisions you make today will impact your tomorrow. So if you have made mistakes, learn from them and move on. You can’t drive a car forward looking in the rear view mirror so focus on your future and not the past.  Even in a car, the rear view mirror is only there to give you a perspective of where you are. Your past need only be a point of reference.  Keep it in drive!
  3. Be proactive not reactive.  Dwelling on the mistake will not change the results, but each day you have the opportunity to make a better decision than the day before. Accept that while you cannot change the past, you can strategically create a better future by choosing a different approach in advance.
  4. Keep moving.  It starts with accepting what’s happened and it continues by  being determined to keep walking regardless of how slow the progress seems.  It is indeed true that good things come to those who wait, so  as long as you are not standing still just know that every step is one step closer today than you were yesterday. So embrace the steady approach and achieve it!

Time is the one commodity we can’t get back so why waste it? Now if you are in the place where you want to be…fulfilling your destiny,  congratulations! Otherwise, be determined to reverse your situation by focusing on the future you want and not the one you thought you were handed.


©2015 Nadia Davis.  All Rights Reserved.


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