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March 2015

Are You Choking on Unforgiveness?

If I remained in complete denial of my condition, I could easily chop up my excessive coughing lately to spring fever.  I mean things are in bloom now so that would be a great excuse.

But I know better and hopefully after reading this post, you will too!

I really thought I was over this unforgiveness thing…especially given the gracious nature of God towards me.  Yet, like Peter, I often find myself asking, “Lord, how many times should I forgive my brother/sister who has wronged me?”

For those who might be a tad fuzzy on the text…basically Peter requests this answer of Jesus considering that 7 times is enough based on the Jewish customs of the time. Jesus’ response was basically seventy times 7 and for those who take things literally, I warn you…please don’t in this instance. Continue reading “Are You Choking on Unforgiveness?”

Direct Your Current

One thing that has been a constant reminder and a matter of conviction for me( especially lately) is Colossians 3:23.

I couldn’t remember the exact scripture at first, but I knew it was in Colossians and I knew I needed to get me some “act right” anytime the notion came across my mind and heart.

Anyway, all things considered, I realized how by nearly opting out at work altogether I wasn’t giving God my best. I admit, I have encountered some real hurdles in the last few months, but even in those trials, my reality check didn’t arrive until the moment after I sent a request to take a leave of absence.

I was attempting to take an easy out…to give up…to really throw in the towel in terms of effort at work and at home for that matter.  I doubt that I’m the only single mom out there who gets TIRED of going it alone. I’d done more than just mourn the loss of my mother in the last month.  I was stuck in a pity-party.

I am so thankful for the grace and leniency my bosses have given me though. I know by all accounts that the ways they have worked with me has been nothing short of God’s favor.  And I almost handed even that over to the enemy!


Now don’t get me wrong!  This is not the voice of regret speaking here.  Rather, it is one of clarification.  I know I DID make the right decision when I declined the initial promotion offer because I had no peace in the possibility of accepting it. Yet, neither do I have the peace to leave this place altogether either.

I thought I would, but I was brought to this ministry for a reason and though I’d said next year I wouldn’t be here, I must humbly admit I may have been wrong in my assessment…premature even.  As I reviewed the ways that I’ve gone about doing my job recently, I’ve taken note of the inklings of flesh that have protruded every now and again.

Yes, there have been days that I have arrived and sat in the parking lot staring at the building much like I’d done so many times at my former employer.  I never wanted to get there with this place. I never expected to get there at this place….not at a ministry…not working for the Lord?

images (49)

Yet, now I know exactly what made me so miserable. It had absolutely nothing to do with this place physically…but the place I was in mentally.  My attitude sucked!!!

I had been exhausted by the things I’d allowed to distract me from what I really had been called to do…what I’d been designed in His image to do…to worship.  I was reminded today that the highest form of faith is worship. The joy of this revelation and transition has been giddy!

download (13)

There is a lesson in not just “leaving well” but dwelling well.  Now this notion didn’t just drop out of the sky for me.  In fact, it actually was brought to mind after receiving a notice from management about the “proper” way of doing things in lieu of the way one former employee handled her last days here a few days ago.

That was last week, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, I understand my role in His Kingdom so much more.  I am grateful for “this place.”

It’s true that one can never really appreciate a good job until you’ve had a bad one…that its hard to appreciate a job period until you’ve lost one…this wake up call made me remember when I was fired from my former employer.

I wasn’t sad when I was called into the office.  I didn’t shed a tear when I left the office.  I had a great big smile on my face and a little extra pep in my step.  That memory made me understand the blessing in leaving well…with a smile…with no guilt…with no deed unfinished…with making my Heavenly Father proud…that’s how I left that building nearly 3 years ago. I left well.

I did my best while I was there because I knew I was really working for God.  I know that’s why He reassured me months prior to them letting me go that I would go out in peace.  In fact, I recalled the scripture He’d led me to mere months prior on my way home that fateful day:


So though I may not know the exact details of what the future holds for me right now…whether I will be serving…writing…teaching…parenting or even married this time next year, I do know I will always be able to direct my current situation to a joyous end with His help.

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

For God Alone

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I marveled this morning as the Lord doused my being with His Holiness….His insurmountable presence on the drive into work…yes I said to work…not a job, for the work we do is to honor God and to endure what we must to allow His light to shine regardless of what that task entails.

It seemed that everyone in my home this morning was in a sour mood, except me. I admit, most days in the past when things weren’t as clean as I’d expected or instructed the night before, I was the one who was a tyrant.

Yet, this morning and the one before, I woke up singing.  I was moved to worship. I was taken back to my first love…I was reminded of what I used to do that had gotten me through some things others cringe to even think that I have endured. I sang…I smiled…I cleaned the messes that were left from the prior night without accusing anyone or speaking negatively about being unappreciated under my breath.


I suppose I not only saw myself as God sees me, but for the first time in a long while, I saw God above everything around me.  As I exited my garage yesterday, Kayla was a bit antsy because she has some important tests to take. Despite her attitude, I recalled the prayer I said aloud to bless my day and my children especially.

I hadn’t done that in a while either.

That truth alone could have easily been a reason for me to feel bad for what I hadn’t done, but I couldn’t. I finally knew why I had no room to feel sorry for myself as I inched further down the road towards the expressway.  I said it aloud too.  I cannot recall it verbatim, but the gist of it was,

It’s impossible to get distracted by the bills and problems that compete for your attention when you worship God!!!

At the red light, my daughter responded a bit smug, but she’s approaching adolescence so I wasn’t phased by her demeanor,

“I don’t understand what you are saying, that’s something for you and Mrs. Tesa to discuss.”

At that moment, I said, ” You used to understand.”

Again, that could have led my mind to despair in the days, weeks, and years that had gone by that I hadn’t taken the time and prayed with, read the bible with, and taught her and my son the word of God, like I used to do.  Yet, I couldn’t be distracted.  Instead I heard myself saying, “but I planted the seed, and though I hadn’t nurtured it as before, I just need to get back to work.”

Then something dynamic happened again…I was filled with joy all over again as if I’d been given one of those big “grandma loves you hugs!” Except this hug was from my daddy….My heavenly Father…My God…My King!!!

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I felt like whatever I’d done and hadn’t done didn’t matter…because it doesn’t…and it didn’t.

I just began singing again…I began singing, Here, I am to worship…Here I am to bow down, Here I am to say that You are God!”  You’re altogether Holy, altogether Lovely, Altogether Wonderful to me…Tears of joy overwhelmed me as she sat in silence for the remainder of that drive.

Now it all makes sense!

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I thank God for allowing me to consider His grace and allowing several verses in Ephesians arrest my attention this morning instead of all the other things that could have.

The fact that I “couldn’t” be distracted by those things simply meant that they were not significant enough to really matter in that moment.  It made me wonder why I’d wasted so many other “moments” in my past worrying about them in the first place.

Regardless, it’s refreshing to know the power God’s given me to not only ignore the fruitless attempts of the enemy to run my life, but to also fully embrace the grace to choose to have joy in spite of them.

I admit, I’ve slacked in some areas.  Yet, even that can’t separate me from My Heavenly Father’s loving grasp.  And right about now…I’m just honored to do anything I can for God alone.

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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Better Not Bitter

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When it comes to other folks’ business, I’d rather not be bothered.  Yet social media access and use does have its advantages!  As a Christian I am to intercede for others so why not use Facebook,Twitter, and the others to do it?

That is perhaps the main reason I stay plugged-in. Albeit, I like to catch up with friends I’ve lost touch with over the years too so I’m not updating this post to bash the web or those who seem a little addicted to it…

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