Ecclesiastes 7:9 New Life Version (NLV)

 Do not be quick in spirit to be angry. For anger is in the heart of fools.

It’s the first day of October and since it’s day one, I’ve decided to explore a different approach with this blog going forward. As I’ve prayed and pleaded with My Father for direction in various areas of life thus far, one thing has been apparent…I’ve got issues!!!

Before I go further….I know from my own past experiences and from the testimonies of others that the answer to every problem, concern, and yes every issue is available in the Word of God.  bible

There have been times where I have been led to meditate on a particular scripture for a time and yes, I’ve done that, but sometimes I haven’t.  Well lately…okay for a loooooong time God’s let me know that I need to get my anger and some other issues in check before I can access all that He has in store for me.  In short, He has it all, but I’m simply NOT READY TO RECEIVE IT!

I mean I keep saying I’m going to meditate on this and that and for whatever reason I get distracted and fall short. Well, considering that I’m absolutely tired of the “me” I’ve become sometimes, I’ve decided that the best thing for me to do is not only say I’m going to renew my mind, but to actually do it.

Now there’s an idea!


Of course it seems easier said that done, but if you recall,  I said that with exercise. In fact, I said a few months ago that I wouldn’t be caught dead running on purpose, but I run often now.  It all started by me placing one foot in front of the other.

Since that little transition, I feel a whole lot better.  I even want to eat better because it actually physically hurts when I don’t.


Overall, I’m physically healthier because of that first step so now I’m challenging myself to be more spiritually healthy.


Ahhh…The Fruit of the Spirit….I know I already have this buried inside of me because it was deposited when I accepted Christ.  I just have yet to tap into its full potential.

Now bible readers know that the Fruit of the Spirit is mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23.  However, what some never give attention to are those things that are exactly contrary to possessing this Christ-like character….those mentioned just a few verses before it…


Galatians 5:19-21 New Life Version (NLV)

19 The things your sinful old self wants to do are: sex sins, sinful desires, wild living,20 worshiping false gods, witchcraft, hating, fighting, being jealous, being angry, arguing, dividing into little groups and thinking the other groups are wrong, false teaching, 21 wanting something someone else has, killing other people, using strong drink, wild parties, and all things like these. I told you before and I am telling you again that those who do these things will have no place in the holy nation of God.

My am I grateful for God’s grace!

Let’s Face It! While I’ve shed quite a bit of the “old me” since I’ve accepted Christ, I realize all too often the things that I actually have the ability to control I’ve just kind of chopped up to “being human.”

Excuses aside…I know perfection is not attainable on this side of heaven, but I know that I owe My Father at least my best effort at pleasing Him.

This is not about condemnation….This is mere conviction…the difference is condemnation pushes you down while conviction makes you aware so you can get back up once you’ve fallen.

That said, from here on, it’s my intention that as I seek Him to help me destroy all within me that’s not like Him that I also provide advice and tips to help others do the same.

So I suppose my focus of choice and necessity at this point is Anger…so yes, I’m scouring the word for it so that I can not just get rid of it, rather, to rid myself of the sinful way I’ve been used to handling it.

That my friends is the challenge!

Yet, considering what I know about myself and what I know about God…I’m confident that I’m nobody’s fool so I suppose it’s about time that I stopped acting like one!

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