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February 2014

Grace to Begin Again

After avoiding the trend

Being Out and In

Out and In Again

Love Dared Near

A Dream Fulfilled

Eagerness willed

A gift held so dear

In wait she prayed

While others games played

Yet, hers, He alone had made

Only one was due

Only one who’d pursue

Her needs in every way

In head plans were made

In heart desire stayed

But along her reasons changed

The finger of love

Direct from above

Crafted him wise beyond age

A firm, handsome fellow

One calm and mellow

Unlike those of a past

Of which the fiend had masked

But her Father knew who she needed

After years left defeated

She needed one who would last

In tears of anguish

Masking an endless pang which

She’d hidden so well for so long

A cry of desperation

No desire to live lone until expiration

He reintroduced her to His throne

Taught her a secret

Sure that she’d keep it

That love starts at home

Answered were her prayers indeed

Gone, the need to endlessly plead

A longing for a helping hand

A listening ear, one to understand

That where she’d been she dreamed to go no more

One to know all she’d been looking for

With prayer her heart had been repaired

With faith her mind no longer impaired

Her request now fulfilled

Now as God originally willed

Her decision made to let him in

Humbly, she accepted the grace to begin again.

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Purpose Proceeds Promise

Prayer works; a simple sentence, but such a powerful reality.  Those were the words my pastor used as we commenced our 3 day journey of early morning intercessory prayer as a church body after our inauguration of our new sanctuary a few weeks ago.  That Monday was a holiday and the kids were out of school.  I was determined to attend this meeting alone.  Despite literally being surrounded by hundreds, I needed the solitude with Jesus…to be in His sanctuary.

I’d awaken before my alarm that morning.  I needed to hear from God.  Indeed, I did. It seemed as if the moment I walked into the building, the Lord reminded me that He missed me.  Odd as that may sound…considering I’d attended church regularly for years and that children were still participating in a lot of ministries (mime, praise dance, choir, and even drama to name a few)… and it seemed that I was a volunteer every time anyone asked.  Yet, while I was arrested in my spirit, I was forced to acknowledge that neither of us was really active in ministry.  I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but God scolded me that first morning. He told me that He’d given me gifts to use for His glory alone and that I’d allowed the reality I’d faced over the years (a divorce, lies, and a period of unemployment cloud my view of that purpose and of His provision. …that I’d allowed “busyness” to replace true submission to His will.  I’m thankful for this recent jolt in my spirit so that I can ensure that my purpose is always at the top to my to do list!


©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Too Much on Your Plate? Scrape it off!

I’ve done it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been so famished that I pile loads of food on my plate with every intention of eating every drop…The result is one of two scenarios…neither of which is desired.

#1  I inhale everything only to find myself stuffed and miserable minutes later.


#2  I eat my fill and waste the rest.

Essentially, this is a lose-lose situation, but I’m sure I’m not the only guilty party out there when it comes to food, but what about time. Just as I have been guilty of gluttony in the usual sense, I too have often taken on more than I can handle with my time. I suffer, my children suffer, even my poor dogs suffer-yeah pets need love too…anyway, I’m just adding this little note to remind myself as well as others to only add what you know you can handle to your plate. If you don’t, you may end up wasting it all or miserable because you’re taken on too much….and that’s just foolishness!

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Presence-So Much More than Presents

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s hard for a girl not to get giddy about all the “lovie-dovie” movies, plush animals, and sentimental cards out there.  Only, a very special person to me helped me determine something so much more valuable than all that stuff. Yes, I know that God has His hand all wrapped up in this one too, but I tend to be a bit hard-headed and sometimes need a good “talking to” by someone who has a different perspective than my own sometimes, misguided tunnel vision.  I’m grateful for the much needed input.

Over the passed few years, I’ve had it a bit hard financially and while every “need” has always been met, my wants and “desires” had been a bit lagging to say the least. I’d had a stint with unemployment and just plain consequences of bad decisions that have left me at times literally penniless. Though I’ve had my days that were not as desired as most, I got through them, but not having additional money to spend for myself was never a big whoop for me.  My biggest issue with unemployment, clipping coupons, measuring gas mileage, and just being a better steward in general was that I felt that my children were getting short changed.  Pride left me in a place, where despite my need, I’d clammed up.  I’d even shut the door to family and close friends because, let’s face it…with today’s commercialism floating about…no one wants to be “without” and no one definitely wants to “admit it.”

Of course I know that this kind of pride is wrong, but it has been just one more thing that I’m grateful for God’s mercy.  I’m not quite there yet!  Well, long story short, nothing could have revealed how “not there yet” I am than my conversation with the one who shed knew light on my crooked ideals.

He stated, “You’re a stranger in your home.”  Generally speaking, the conversation stemmed along the lines of my hectic schedule and how even when I’m home, I’m not really there because I have so many “other” obligations. He basically stated that no matter how many commitments I have for “good organizations” (yes, even the church), family comes first.  He’d mentioned this after I’d admitted how burnt out I’d been feeling.  I realized he was right years ago, but I had to keep up the pace. That’s what I said in my mind. For some reason, I had willingly become a “yes man.”  Except, where I needed to be the most was suffering.

Last night and this morning, I realized that though I can afford to do more for my children now and I have a lot lately, the presents I provide can only provide a moment of gratification.  If only the thought that counts—in that, they light up knowing that I took the time to think of them amid my rigorous duties—that moment fades, the moment, I decide to attend a game and bring a book to “keep me occupied or when I allow myself to get lost in a game of “Greedy Spiders” on my phone instead of watching my son reach a goal on a video game that I really don’t understand, but that he asked that I watch him play. My intentional effort is what matters most to my children and likely to anyone for that matter. I realize more than ever how much my children need me so from now on the main gift I’m offering is my presence instead of a present.

License to Lead

I have a question for you.  Do you believe what the word of God says about you?

The Lord directed me to Hebrews 10:35-36 the other day:

So don’t throw away your confidence it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

This passage hit home with me on so many levels.  First of all, I’ve always been one to shy away from the spotlight. Yet, no matter how I tried to not get involved, I could not stop imagining a better way to do things I’d observed from the sidelines. I suppose it’s been my life’s motto “Work smarter, not harder!” So yes, I had the input, but for some strange reason, I was perfectly comfortable “singing in the background.”  Now others may get something completely different from this passage, but what I got was this plain and simple:

“You cannot be afraid to take the lead!”

Now originally when I got this revelation, I admit I assumed that I was to encourage a friend who’d already been in a leadership position.  I mean encouragement is what I do so I was poised to tell them to push their fears aside and truly take the lead.  Only, as I pecked a response to their email,  I realized just how wrong I’d been in my assumption.  Every word was intended for me!

I’d written:

“This is not to bash you, but to bring to your attention the power that you possess to change people’s lives for the better.  But before any of that happens, you’ve got to know who you are in Christ and better yet, you need to ensure that God knows you know whose you are as well.  You cannot be afraid to lead.  You cannot be afraid to teach.  You cannot be afraid to learn more.  When that teachable spirit of humility is replaced by self-righteous pride, you’ll sink like a ship with a massive hole in its bowels. If you allow God to lead you, His purpose will propel you to the desires of your heart.”

There it was.  My reality.  I had the power to change lives, but instead of speaking up, I held my tongue.  I knew that I wanted more, but I had allowed the fear of rejection keep me stagnant.  In the past, I may have complained about what should happen, but thankfully, God reminded me with this verse that I needed to complain less and do more to be the catalyst of change.  Humbly, now I realize that since God has given me a license to lead, it’s time to move in His direction.

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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