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October 2013

Just Like Job

Ever felt like the poster child for the trials of Job? Maybe you too have lost friends, family, or resources suddenly. I’ve been there. Yet, today I realized I am more like Job for another reason.

I came to Ch.16 where Job is finally fed up with the negativity of his “so-called friends”. Now there was nothing wrong with him expressing his heartbreak for how they reacted to his problems, but his “slow-dumb moment” began when he foolishly accused God for his misfortune.

Like Job, my ignorance of God’s unwavering love for me through my trials was where I fell off.

At first I assumed that Job remained clueless and self-absorbed until the end of the book after he finally repented and prayed for his friends, but I noticed that by verse 19, Job realized his need for an intercessor….He realized he hadn’t the strength, friends, or family to do anything about his situation. Ironically, he managed to utter words of hope, saying,

 “Even now my witness is in heaven; my advocate is on high. My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out to God; on behalf of a man he pleads with God as a man pleads for his friend.” (NIV)

That says it all. God answered the plea…no not Job’s or mine, but Jesus’ plea as the Intercessor.  Jesus stood in the gap for Job in his foolishness as He’s standing in the gap for us now. I guess it’s not so bad to be just like Job after all.

©2013 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…Lord, I’m Yours!

Sometimes we do so much wrong that God’s loving embrace has no choice but to knock the wind out of us and land us flat on our butts. Otherwise, we’d continue doing the same thing, recklessly taking advantage of His grace. I know because I used to do it on a daily basis. I thought as long as I confessed Christ as my Lord and Savior I could sin as much as I wanted so long as I’d repent.

God only allowed me to lie to myself so long.

I first felt the tinge of conviction when I found myself trying to escape the view of a passing church member in a Chilli’s restaurant a few years ago. I was at the bar and they were not.

Need I say more? That little incident only enticed me to “socially” drink at home.

God allowed me to stumble onto I John 3:9…

“No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in Him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God.”

This revelation had me taking a long, hard look at my lifestyle. Who was I glorying by drinking myself into a stupor in an attempt to escape problems that only seemed magnified after the buzz wore off?

I realized that the liquor I regularly consumed behind the scenes wasn’t God’s seed and one that had to be uprooted. I thank God for His patience!  In agony, one night I prayed for release. To think, for years I couldn’t even admit a problem existed before that moment.  Alcoholics Anonymous was never necessary, but God became my strength to overcome a sickness that I’d hidden for so . I simply loss the urge to buy liquor, drink it, and I even had no desire to  associate with anyone who indulged in what used to be my favorite pastime. God answered my prayer when I turned my will over for His.

Faith in Focus: On many days and nights, I was drunk like Noah, but God’s love covered me and gave me another chance.

Given This Day:

Dear Gracious Lord,
Thank you for Your mercy Lord. Please forgive me where I’ve failed to represent You the way You deserve. God help me be consistent and not resort to the strongholds of my past. Thank You for the strength to endure the path of recovery. I thank You that each day is a new victory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

©2013 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Imperfectly Human, Perfectly Forgiven

Yet, He was merciful; He forgave their iniquities, and did not destroy them. Time after time He restrained His anger and did not stir up His wrath. Psalm 78:38 (NIV)

I’ve been through a lot in 35 years and lately I’ve found myself pondering questions like “When did I get here?”

I’m not talking literally, but spiritually. I’ve been wondering how I became so complacent in my faith. I ‘ve seen and experienced so many miracles that one could easily assume my faith iron-clad, able to withstand anything, but lately, I’ve been on the wrong end of faith too many times.

Instead of reverently fearing the All-Knowing God, I’ve been guilty of fearing the unknown. Other times, I’ve gotten angry with the consequences of foolish decisions when, had I just listened to that still small voice, I could have avoided the issue altogether. Even still, there have even been times I’ve found myself mumbling and complaining about everything when I should be rejoicing.

Most times, I catch myself but sometimes I purposely react that way because I feel like it.

Aren’t I imperfectly human? Shouldn’t that be my excuse? Hasn’t that been my excuse?

Obviously, any excuse is not worthy in light of all God has done.

Yet, even in my faithlessness, He lovingly reminds me that I’m perfectly forgiven.

©2013 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Purely Balanced

My washing machine taught me a powerful lesson recently.

So I thought I’d finshed my laundry only to realize I had one more load to go. It was a small one so I just tossed the clothes in without adjusting the settings. After the cycle began, I noticed a little noise, but thought nothing of it. Then came the rattle.  I still ignored it.

Well, about 20 minutes later, I was not expecting what I found. My washer had literally spun around in the opposite direction.

So what made my washer do a little dance?

Simple. It wasn’t balanced.

In my haste, I created a bigger problem.

Been here before…ooh too many times…so that got me to wondering. Am I unbalanced?  I mean, I read the bible so I have the instructions to do what I should, but like Paul, the things I say I’m going to do, I don’t and the things I say I’m not, I do. (paraphrasing here) 

For instance, there have been times I’ve taken on responsibilities that I really can’t handle with a smile and a lie that “I’m fine” when things are anything but that. Worse yet, relationally, I’ve been guity of accepting less than who God designed for me as if “any man will do.” I know I’m not alone here so let’s get real….

Let’s face it, regardless of how independently woman you are, all real women want to be loved by a real man the way God intendeds, but often times, we haven’t taken the time to ensure that we are up to par (Pure and Righteous) ourselves.

We have this long list of imaginary, prince charming requirements, and wind up settling for a big bull frog because we compromise. Oh never mind that he’s not a Christian or that he is an obvious playboy or that he has a serious lying problem….SHHHSH


For too long have Christian woman failed to follow the instructions God provides and we end up a statistic, bitter, or both. I have learned that even a lot of tiny things done wrong can cause a world of hurt. Yet, we can’t mosey along neglecting the signs of trouble either.

Now recall, I heard the noise with my washer, but I chose to ignore it.

The Holy Spirit gives us cues as to the direction we should take, but often times, we fail to take action. Rather, we fail to take the right action. And yes, ladies, that means sometimes you must quite literally let go and let God. Just as my washer made a 180 degree turn, we have the potential to turn our lives in the wrong direction when we ignore or simply refuse to comply with the Lord’s leading. Despite how much we may “want” something to work, when we aren’t careful to adhere to the Holy Spirit’s warnings, we end up with needless problems.

Remember this is your life!

If we are to remain pure to our purpose , we must “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added”-Mathew 6:33 …. for the record, that includes Mr. Right. When we live unbalanced lives we can’t expect another person to fill us where we’re empty. Only God can fill that void and He provided us with the perfect instruction guide, His holy word. Yet, it is our responsibility to read it.

Thankfully my washer survived my negligence, but as a divorced mother of two, some choices I’ve made have been irreversible and life-changing. And they have cost me a lot more than a few bucks so I refuse to live with future regrets of trying to fix a problem my way. Instead, I’ll follow the instructions provided by my maker. That way I’m sure to remain purely balanced.

©2013 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved

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