Let the Man Lead for God’s sake!

Hmmm…more about this submission thing…

In case I struck a nerve with some of you yesterday, I’ve decided to elaborate. Still though…


Anyway, while it seems that women have been backed into a corner when it comes to the submission debate, men aren’t too far from the trenches either.  Submission should be a two-way street.  In fact, true Godly submission is not about “giving ‘tude,  giving up your say, or giving orders.”  At its core it is yielding for the benefit of both parties involved.

FYI: It has nothing to do with getting the last word either.


Now a while back I was asked:  Would you follow your husband to a smaller church?  

I freaked out at first because I’d been at my church for almost 12 years and to just leave was a terrifying thought.

Oh my doesn’t God have a sense of humor?  I say that now because while the question was posed about a year ago, I just moved back to Memphis.

Moving on…

However, after I digested the question, I posed one of my own.  

Why should I have a problem with it?

Essentially, if I have “chosen” to marry a man with God’s permission,  I should trust my husband’s judgement to do what’s best for our family.  Basically, I would follow him anywhere.

Now, that said, I think it is only fair to point out instances when women are NOT obligated to submit, yield, or follow a man:

A) he is not your husband

B) he is not submitted himself first to God

C) he is husband, but yelding to his request or authority explicitedly contradicts God’s Holy Word

Now I’m sure some heads are rolling now because of that last one…maybe it seems a bit subjective.  Well, that’s because it is.


I am proof that you seriously set yourself up for failure when you  are unequally yoked!!!

I might lose some ladies on this, but at least hear me out…

If a man is himself submitted to God’s will, the Holy spirit will lead him in a manner to cover you and your family as a Godly man should.  He will not be given to wrath and he will respect you as his rib the way God intended.  Now that doesn’t mean that you will agree with everything he says  or does.  But there is always an amicable way to agree to disagree. (That will be a later post)


Also, just because a man is not your husband is no license to disrespect him either.

In fact, ladies, try make it a point to be so respectful to all men that your expectation in return is the same.   It’s been my experience that the respect is usually returned.  Now there are always exceptions where men will be disrespectful, but that’s no reason for you to stoop to that level also.  Think of your respectful reaction to his foolishness a lesson he has yet to learn. 


I mean I’m not married, but when I’m out and and a gentleman is walking behind me, I make it a point to wait by the door.  I can’t tell you how many times men will run to get the door for me so that I not wait long.  No, I’m not incapable of opening the door on my own, but I consider this an opportunity to allow a man be a man as I maintain my stance as a young lady.


I haven’t always done that and honestly I feel like I’ve missed out on the chivalry so many people say is fleeting among men nowadays because of it.

It’s not that chivalry is dead, but that we have forgotten the advantage of embracing  the complicated art of mutual submission in relationships.  

The take home today is this ladies and gentlemen…

  1. Whether she’s recognizes or not, fellas, respect yourself and your maker enough to be a man worthy of your role as a leader. One day, the right one will take notice.
  2. And ladies, treat every man with respect…even if you have to pretend because of past pain…assume that he’s a good man and treat him like one deserves….and if he is a good man, please let the man lead for God’s sake!

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Lord, Help me with me!!!!

Yesterday I witnessed male castration in a Kroger parking lot!

So today, I feel the need to discuss a woman’s need for submission!

Particularly, I’m speaking about marriage here, but if you’re not married there is still a level of submission necessary for things to flow in  your best interest.

I’m fully aware that the word submission alone sparks fear, anger, and even possibly disgust in the hearts of some women.  However, I’ve been on the wrong side of this coin before–You know, the neck jerking, “No man is going to ever tell me what to do!” and the Quiet as a church mouse, “Yes, dear…you’re so right dear” smug approach ….

Neither of which is true Godly submission.

For one thing, it’s plain disrespectful.  Ouch…I stepped on my own toes here ladies…however, when I mentioned the castration stuff…of course I don’t mean literally, but the look on the gentleman’s face could have equated to the same pain I imagine.

Basically, I witnessed a woman and her man have a bit of a disagreement.  Well, I guess I really can’t say a disagreement because usually that would mean that at least two people were involved right?


I’m not being a butt…it’s just that the guy didn’t really say two words to the countless condescending remarks his lady spat in a matter of minutes.

I really felt sorry for the guy!!!

Now, I wasn’t going to even go here originally because I know just how touchy a subject submission is in and out of the church, but considering that I’ve written about homosexuality and the church I think I’ll live…

I don’t know if they were married.  Regardless, the scenario opened my eyes and gave me another reason to close my mouth.

Featured Image -- 2567

Basically,  he was attempting to open her car door and I suppose the way he positioned their basket made it slide in front of the door before he had a chance to stop it, and she just went left!  To me it was an obvious mistake, but it didn’t seem to matter to her.  She went on talking to him like he was a toddler.

images (29)

It was not like he’d done it on purpose nor did it appear that he was not going to try to stop it, but upon noticing my stance one car over, the look of “what’s the use” took over his entire countenance.


And she didn’t stop there…she was so whiny and loud…all I could think was,

“Lord help me with me!”  

“Do I ever sound like that?”

I knew that on more than one occasion I had done that or something similar in years passed…months passed…okay maybe even in weeks passed…OTH_Header

…shssh….I had no idea the impact I’d made on those on the receiving end of my wrath….woe…but God’s shown me slowly a better approach…..I’m sure I’m not the only one thankful for that  lesson now…

Proverbs 3:6 (NIV)

in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.[a]

Listen, ladies…I’m not bashing the young lady.  I just observed what I did and it disturbed me.  It allowed me to see an ugliness that I needed to completely rid myself of if I ever expected to receive and appreciate the love God has for me in my future husband…Yep, I’m optimistic!


Anyway, I’ll leave you with a note of truth mentioned Sunday by  a certain young pastor“You are not his mama and you are not his boss!”


Oh yeah, ladies…one more thing…we ladies can all tend to talk too much…the fact is that you can talk a good man in or out of your life…

I know that there are some independent sisters out there who could care less….I get it…I used to be one of you…that’s fine…you do you and I’ll do me…Image result for too independent to be in a relationship

Yet, the independent attitude gets old…God made us relational so contrary to the “invisible mantra” you may have adopted that says you need no one, we all need somebody other than ourselves to live fulfilled lives.

That said,  ladies, I think we could do ourselves a favor by keeping tabs on our tongue…at least in public!

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Existence is Overrated


I have mentioned I don’t believe in coincidences before.  And while I planned to write a post on Exit Strategies: the proper way to exit a situation, place, or position, but every time I attempted to type “Exit” or any derivative, I typed “Existing or Exist.” So given the state of my affairs, I’m sure that the Lord has just confirmed that I have been doing just that…EXISTING…not really LIVING as He designed.


I’ve been bombarded with so many messages from license plates to bill boards to sermons and even commercials that I almost can’t compose myself long enough to get this on paper, but I’m determined to help somebody else see what I now see.


This was just further confirmation because earlier this week, my friend’s husband remarked about how we were existing and how others are living.  His remark was not from a covetous position because that is definitely not his heart at all.  It was more from a place that longs to see and experience the “greater than these” position Jesus spoke about before His Ascent.
So today, I challenge you to STOP MERELY EXISTING… LIVE…LIVE IN THE MOMENT…FOLLOW REAL LOVE…Notice I did not say follow your heart….that’s because the heart is deceitful above all else…Yep, our hearts can deceive us….I know because just recently I allowed my heart to deceive me…to make me think that a humble life equals a financial struggle. Now outwardly, I did not think l thought this (I really didn’t mean to have a tongue twister…moving on…

I mean I rejoice when I see God’s children prosper and I’ve said for at least 7 years that I known that I will be very wealthy one day so I had to wonder where the disconnect occurred.  How was I not living? How was I just another mass taking up space on the planet?

images (28)

I mean, a few years ago, I was a dare-devil for lack of a better word…always ambitious…rarely afraid to step out and find out, but something shifted in the wrong direction and I’m tired of it!!!!  I’m not ranting…more of an AHA moment…funny how certain storms bring out the best in you…Regardless the Lord placed it on my heart yesterday afternoon to do something so radical that I found myself choking….I mean really choking…coughing…not faking…not laughing…it didn’t click until my friend said what I think I already new: “Quit Choking on Change.”

Then further confirmation was just delivered by way of my Pastor…a message I decided to revisit from years past…The sermon was about opening the eyes of my heart…I had forgotten about keeping my heart open…not just to people, but to God’s will….No matter what, partial obedience is still disobedience and while I won’t share the exact details of the radical steps God’s shown me to take, I do want to encourage you if you find that you are just existing in a life not meant for you…please get off your butt and do what you really want to do so you can finally live like God intends!!!  He would not have placed the desire in your heart to do more if you were not meant for it so shut up, listen, and go!


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In the mean time

Disclaimer:  This is some random thought…very unedited…just came to me in about ten minutes…but words have always soothed my spirit so I’m not sure if this is an essay, spoken word, but it just is…

I’ve been considered gullible for a long time. I’m sort of ashamed to admit that now. I mean as a child, it seemed when it came to trusting people, I had all book sense and no common sense. At least that’s what my mother used to say. As I’ve grown, I realized that this supposed gullibility is my attempt at “righting” so much wrong in my world. When I think back, I can’t help but remember always being in the middle…always wanting to keep the peace…always caught between two evils that I for some reason wanted to be a part of…whether it was an argument between my mother and her sister or my mother and my great aunt or my mother and myself…I was caught…so I learned to develop a great escape…I learned to be a peace-maker…I thought that was the thing Jesus would want me to do and the thing that should be done. I lived in a perpetual “meantime” not my own…just caught wondering the maze of everyone else’s opinions and desires…not truly being happy with my own decisions or even knowing whether the decisions I made were indeed my own. I was confused and blind by a desire to be “liked” shrouded by the need to really feel love…to know love…to receive love…that love was promised but never received…talked about, but never retrieved…that love that was unconditional…not woven by whether I was wrong or right…that love not tempted by fight or flight…I wanted to be loved because it seemed I had so much to give…to be loved so much that I was willing to give…my life…my opinion…myself for any inkling in return of what resembled…what words even penciled…would be…could be…should be love…yet, as years have passed and bitterness set it’s root, one so faithful took it not moot that love could be…would be…should be unconditional…not some whimsical fairytale with picturesque memories drawn from a heart that had no chambers…no one could blame this heart had a reason to be broken…words that were unspoken and dreams were revoked and this heart had cause…unwilling to pause for a second, a moment, a chance to think that love would give glance…hadn’t love been a mere figment anyway? Hadn’t love been ripped away over and over…dragging the pieces against her will and there gasping life’s last breath love spilled…over and over and over until in the meantime she found You.


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Broken to be Used

The abuse I endured just over 12 years ago left me with more than a broken nose and bruised ego.  I had a broken spirit.

That same broken spirit morphed into a mindset of resentment and callousness that I only recently disowned.


Not long ago, I shared my pain with a stranger.  When I worked in customer service, a young lady called to talk about how messed up her marriage was and explained the details of abuse and self-loathing she’d experienced before I could barely say ” I am not a counselor.”

However, when she asked me, “I mean what would you do in my shoes?” I found myself saying, “I wore your shoes…I walked in them for years.”  I was supposed to have been gone for the day but she was my last call.  It was my wake up…

Before that call I’d still had unforgiveness in my heart.  But revealing myself helped me more than it did she because that’s when the shell began to break.  I surrendered.


When she mentioned how she’d been cursed out and cheated on and constantly berated by her husband…how her mother seemed to make her feel worse for marrying him instead of helping her…again I allowed the Holy spirit to breathe on my wounds to heal them…they were no longer festering and oozing beneath the masks I’d perfected over the years.  For 23 minutes, I explained to that lady how God delivered me from being unequally yoked…I found myself explaining how I’m not an advocate of divorce and how God hates divorce…how divorce is an easy out and that’s why God admonishes us to carefully consider the cost of marriage before we enter into it…how even in an emotionally abusive marriage God gave me joy and how my children and I were thriving…how my husband left after I’d finally surrendered for God’s will to be done…thCAL4RJTH

I recalled the prayer as if it had just been uttered, “Lord, just make him leave!  I can’t raise my children to believe it’s okay to be treated like this…that it’s okay for my daughter to believe it’s okay to be called a “B” and have my son believe it’s okay for him to do it to another woman”  That night tears soaked my daughter’s bed as I’d knelt to pray there for some reason…I wonder even now if she understood what I was going through…she was five…ready for bed…was supposed to have been praying with me but felt the need to stand beside me instead.

I shared with that anonymous lady that after my prayer, the next Tuesday my now ex-husband left.  I explained to her further that she must consult God first…I explained that even after he left…I remained married to him for three years because I condemned myself for “failing God again” given it was my second divorce.

Her response was one of gratitude but still more self-hatred.  I was shattered not because I felt like she wasn’t listening, but because she wasn’t hearing…she was blocking out what God was trying to tell her just as I’d been blocking out what He’d been trying to teach me through my trials with these people I mentioned.  However, her next words made it clear to me why.

She said, “Well, what would you do differently if you were given the chance again?”

“Nothing!!!”  I said to her almost before she finished the question.

I then began to recount why I wouldn’t change a thing…

I would not know God like I know Him…that I am worthy of His best…I would not have prayed and been able to minister to you today…I explained to her that the beauty of God’s love is that while He is fully capable of “making everyone” follow Him, He allows us the choice to do so.  Had everything gone perfectly in my life by the world’s standards, I wouldn’t know I need a savior in Christ…

I know this is post is a bit all over the place, but I figure God wouldn’t give it to me if at least one person out there didn’t need the reminder that the only true remedy for wholeness is in Christ.  Without Him, I’d still be just a bunch of broken pieces.

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Question…Answer…More Questions? Really?

“See there… the way you ask another question after I’ve already given you my answer.” 

That was the best response I could come up with in conversation with my son the other day.


I refused to debate further because my decision was made.  So yes, I gave him the silent treatment.


As immature as some say the “silent treatment” is, I have a slightly different take on it now.

Granted, ignoring someone out of spite is not healthy, however, neither is arguing a point in which a decision has already been rendered.

For years, “because I said so” was a sufficient response to my children, but until a few days ago, I’d allowed them to” wear me down with words.”

Before, I’d gotten tired of it and tried to slightly different approach to the battles, “Because God said so!”  Boy did that open a can of worms!  It turns out that if you’re going to use that, it would help if you are actually adhering to those same principles yourself first.

I mean, imagine bringing up the importance of honoring your parents to get this response:


How dare my son “get me” with scripture when clearly I was trying to “get him” first?

Can I be real people?  thCKC558Z0

This was me that day…


I was wrong that day…and I hated it….I mean who wants to be proven wrong by a kid? Especially your kid?

But oh how I love that God is my Strength.   I’ve had much more resilience with my son’s war of words lately.

Regardless, we’re both stubborn.

I mean the apple fell from somewhere, right?


With that in mind, I think my son would be a great attorney.  Yet, even attorneys have to comply with the judge’s ruling!

So in our most recent debate, I chose to ignore my son’s whining…oops…I mean request.

And get this…not an ounce of guilt…


Because God had to humble me with His silence.

Yep, I’ve asked more questions when God answered me the first time too…a lot more…especially this year…

Typical conversation…

“Are you sure God, you want me to do that?”

“Didn’t I tell you, if you have faith you will see the glory of the Lord?”

“I need a sign.”

“How much longer will I have to be with you before you believe?”

“Okay I need one more…don’t be mad, but just one more confirmation!”

And then there was nothing…no word…except one’s leading back to completing the vows I stated…I mean everywhere all over the bible…who knew the bible was so full of places to remind you of the things you say you are going to do for the Lord, but then get fearful and try to take it back….I digress…

I know now God just wants me to trust Him with my future. 

A bit of a challenge for a control freak, wouldn’t you think?  Challenging yes, but definitely doable. I’m already reaping the benefits.  It’s made me eager to sit still and wait for the next thing He has to say.

…a discipline, I hope and pray will also be evident in my own children in time.  Yet, until then, I’m learning to endure the questions, seek God for the answers, and chose to be silent when necessary.

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Can a Christian be Gay?

Note…this is from the heart…hip…on my mind…not really editing this so be warned…No room for a bunch of funny pics or quotes….just real talk…that’s it…

images (40)

It seems a fairly innocent question.  Yet, one with a plethora of possible responses…the easy out would be to choose yes or no, but even that isn’t so easy anymore is it?  For the most part, to answer the question whether a Christian can be gay or not, one would have to inevitably dissect the meanings of at least two words in the question.  Even then, those words, “Christian” and “Gay” are subjective to societal norms.  Norms…it seems that there really aren’t any of those anymore either. Alas, I must agree that with the turn of events occurring within the US in recent weeks, my mind and heart is indeed grieved.  As I’ve mentioned in prior articles, the inevitable civil war that seems to have erupted in our midst came to a head with all that’s happened.

I found it beneficial to my heart and mind to fast from social media for a while. I had great intentions.  I removed the apps from my smart phone and refused to log in on my pc.  Yet, I underestimated the extent the recent news of the Supreme Court’s decision would impact me. So I received a text message from a friend who has been delivered from the grip of homosexuality asking how I feel about the Court’s decision.  I’d forgotten it was expected during my voluntary period of remission.  I thanked him for sending me the heads up and silently before responding further, grieved for our nation.  I regressed. I started to voice my opinion on that day, but perhaps writer’s block had me bound.  I couldn’t pen anything positive…anything plausible…anything useful in my opinion.  So I did nothing that day.

Instead, I waited. I waited to login to anything.  Concern for a loved one who’d been directly impacted by the deaths in South Carolina, I did manage to go online later that night, however. Maybe even that was technically the next day.  Who knows?  Sleep has escaped me for a few days.

I was bombarded with rainbows and insults.  Rainbows and taunts of “love winning” and again I grieved wondering had love really won anything?  Every picture I saw was vulgar and I silently wondered why was it so necessary to display this sin so flippantly.  Why was this area of opportunity one the church had all but sat down when confronted with it?

I was never angry with the court’s decision and I’m not angry with those persons involved with their decision to be a homosexual either, but I am grieved.  I’m saddened that it seems that this and the shootings the week prior or further evidence of our depraved societal standards…then I wonder is there even a standard any more. I watched Madea’s Witness Protection the other day and the remark was made by Tyler Perry’s character aka Madea “It’s a church, of course it’s safe” or something like that in response the apprehension of the Caucasian attorney who asked whether it would be safe for him since it was a predominantly African American church.  I couldn’t help but note the horrible irony.

So I am forced to ponder additional questions …Can a Christian be a murderer?  Can a Christian be a prostitute?  Can a Christian be a liar?  Can a Christian be an adulterer?  And back again, Can a Christian be gay?

I also was told days prior to the court’s determination that a 16 year old boy is now homeless because he decided to “come out” to his parents who are professing Christians. Pain has a tendency to make people do extreme things.  Again, at this news I was grieved.  I thought how not long ago, if a girl told her parents that she was in love with a young man at 16, it would have been chopped up as “puppy love” or “confusion”  The parents might have stepped back and allowed the “phase” to take its course knowing that their teaching would allow her to make the proper decision in time.  Nevertheless, they would not have gone through such drastic measures to prevent the two from being together.  In retrospect, the attempt is largely counterproductive.  While there are exceptions to this…what one thought was “real love” was never a reason to “not love” the one caught in the crossfire of a mistake….well, aside from Shakespearean tragedies…all fictional accounts but eerily similar to the more pressing issues in our reality today…


Perhaps society refuses to know how deceitful one’s heart can be?

For the brief time I spent on Facebook last weekend, I saw one post state  “religious hypocrites chose to forgive a murderer last week, but now condemn the court’s decision.”

download (10)

With that some conservatives would love to say “no” to all of the questions above while some liberals would be in favor of the court results…yet some conservatives would also be in favor of the confederate flag being removed while others wanted this obvious emblem of racism to stay in place because of “tradition.”  Oh how we mirror the Pharasees and Sadduccees in the church now…so quick to point the finger, yet act as if we have arrived on so many other levels….


Some things are still certain amid all the chaos of our day.  God doesn’t need walls to talk to know what’s going on!  Jesus Christ paid for all of our fallacies with His priceless blood so our judgment of others still needs to be one from a position of real love without compromising what the Bible says about this and every issue that attempts to maligns the will of the Almighty.

God is not mocked and while He is indeed patient, He will judge the land and the people who inhabit it. For the record, that includes how we Christians treat one another as well.


So back to the question at hand, Can a Christian be gay?  Why bother to answer at all? Consider this one instead: Can a gay person be saved?

For those who might have missed the point in my rambling…that answer is clear…


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It’s More than a Race Issue

I posted this little note this morning on Facebook after reading the following headline:


I’m more disturbed by the headline of this article than its content. Despite the facts that 9 black lives were lost to a white assailant, we need not make this a race issue…it’s purely an evil issue…a demonic issue…satan’s attempt to further divide the Kingdom of God…yes black lives matter, but so do all other races…this is not a reason for civil war, but civil prayer, humility, and trust in the one true God.


I implore the saints of God to not cower in fear or attempt to retaliate by this world’s weapons…for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but the spiritual wickedness.


On the surface for the minority, this incident might appear as if it’s a race issue, but that’s clearly what the enemy desires us to think.  While the skin on the outside differs from race to race, when blood is spilled it’s all one color: RED!  God doesn’t want any to perish… His love is unconditional and it provides unimaginable peace in situations like this.  While the families of the slain grieve the loss, our Heavenly Father is grieved as well..not by the enemy’s actions…that’s possibly the only consistency in the evil one: to kill, steal, and destroy…it’s no surprise, yet God is grieved by our response…our response to His ability to provide…His ability to avenge on our behalf…His ability to yet turn this tragedy for the good of those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose….


Facebook family, I urge that you not grieve our Father by engaging in racial wars online or otherwise as a result of this as in times past…satan’s bold and it’s time for the. Church to be bolder…to humble ourselves before God, turn from our wicked ways, and then He will hear from Heaven and heal our land. I really didn’t expect this to be this long, but I’m being obedient…so fb what’s your response to God’s ability?‪#‎smh‬#1somuchbetter#Godwillrepay#VengeanceisHis

listening to God’s voice alone.

I’ve tweaked my words a bit for clarity since this morning and added the pics for flow, but I originally shared the article with my thoughts in hopes that some would not do what was assumed.
While some have maintained silence or opted to offer prayer -at least online about this tragedy- I logged on a few moments ago to something expected, but completely avoidable…the cursing, the racial slurs, the back-biting, and most disheartening the blatant refusal to offer prayer…mind you these were comments posted by those who by all other accounts could be considered Christian. Rather, some who claimed to be Christian.
People have a right to make their own decisions, but I can’t reiterate enough how that behavior is just what the enemy wants…division…for those who might have been unsure about the love of Christ to further think Christianity as hypocritical.  I almost unfriended some of these individuals because of their comments.  I’m glad I didn’t because I realize that not long ago, I would have likely made the same comments in anger or in ignorance had I not been enlightened.

Hebrews 6:1-12 (NLT)

So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding. Surely we don’t need to start again with the fundamental importance of repenting from evil deeds[a] and placing our faith in God. You don’t need further instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. And so, God willing, we will move forward to further understanding.

For it is impossible to bring back to repentance those who were once enlightened—those who have experienced the good things of heaven and shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the power of the age to come— and who then turn away from God. It is impossible to bring such people back to repentance; by rejecting the Son of God, they themselves are nailing him to the cross once again and holding him up to public shame.

When the ground soaks up the falling rain and bears a good crop for the farmer, it has God’s blessing. But if a field bears thorns and thistles, it is useless. The farmer will soon condemn that field and burn it.

Dear friends, even though we are talking this way, we really don’t believe it applies to you. We are confident that you are meant for better things, things that come with salvation. 10 For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers,[b] as you still do. 11 Our great desire is that you will keep on loving others as long as life lasts, in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true. 12 Then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God’s promises because of their faith and endurance.

I’m grateful for God’s grace with me and I’m not putting myself on a pedestal because when I saw it I was angry too.  Yet, while anger rose, My Savior in me rose higher.  Had this issue happened closer to home, I can’t say my reaction would be the same.  Regardless, I’m still grieved at the what I consider satan’s way of tricking us into corporate genocide.


Times like these make me wish I knew the time or the date when Jesus would return. It makes me long for a home free of all this death.

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Originally posted on Better Not Bitter:

The value of something is equal to the sum of what someone is willing to pay for it.  Now think of it this way.  You were bought with the blood of Jesus so you’re priceless!  Why settle to be treated like a simple trinket?

Simply put,  baby, you don’t know your worth!

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I’m sure that you’ve heard that you cannot love someone else without first loving yourself.  While there’s some truth in that statement, that’s not the starting point.  Some people have it twisted that love is about “give and take,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yes love is about giving, but the latter part is receiving not taking.  It plainly states in the bible that Jesus willingly laid down his life for us according to John 10:18

No one can take my life from me. I sacrifice it voluntarily. For I have the authority to lay…

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue-Part 1

This morning the Lord placed this title on my heart so I can let you know the importance of ownership. No I’m not talking houses and cars. While those acquisitions might give reason to get a pat on the back, I’m talking about personal accountability here.

In short, stop passing the buck and own the issues you’ve created for what they are: the sum of your own choices.

But isn’t it easier to play the blame game… to dodge the proverbial bullet of responsibility? Continue reading